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Latest sightings in North Little Rock:
  • 2098-11-18 - massive triangular craft--forward moving sides had spaced lights, non-blinking--back side unlit--with almost opaque shadow quality of c
  • 2098-04-22 - Blink of white light, 6 times about 30 seconds apart, stationary very very high is sky
  • 2096-07-30 - Clearly observed a triangular craft outfitted with three bright lights. Object made no sound and floated perfectly still for around fo
  • 2068-07-14 - UFO seen / chased by jets over Little Rock AR in late 60s.
  • 2010-03-04 - I just went outside to my carport for a cigarette. I looked up to the sky because I saw the searchlight a local business uses. After th
  • 2005-10-01 - Daylight ias my husband and I were walking. Larger than a"zeppelin", cigar shaped, no windows, emerald green, somewhat luminous but not transparent. Moving from south to north and a very controlled yet fairly slow speed. Looked to be no more than 500 to 1000 feet elevation.No lights and no sound. Very smooth - looked almost like green glass.
  • 2005-04-29 - Travelling home from Stuttgart, AR to North Little Rock, AR on US 65. I had just passed into North Little Rock, AR city limits where U
  • 2004-12-26 - I remember being dropped off into my house. I was so exhausted when I "fell" into my bed.
  • 2003-10-15 - Huge object spotted over Batesville Pike road in North Little Rock Arkansas
  • 2002-07-27 - we saw a saucer shaped object silver chrome like,bright sunlight bouncing off of it. hovering in place. my adult daughter and I were h

North Little Rock

North Little Rock is in the Central region of Arkansas.
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