UFO Maps on your homepage, desktop and website!

Add UFO Maps to your webpage

You can now use the UFO Maps gadget to make your website even more interesting and useful to your visitors (see the CNN.com example on the left).

Copy-and-paste the HTML below into your page's source code. Then, reload to see UFO Maps on your page.

Advanced users: Click here to customize the gadget's appearance.

UFO Maps on your Google Homepage

Available at http://www.google.com/ig, your Google Personalized Homepage provides at-a-glance access to information such as Gmail, customized news headlines, local weather, stock updates, hand-picked RSS feeds and more.
UFO Maps on your Desktop

Keep UFO Maps nearby, thanks to Google Desktop.


2. Once installed, click the button

3. Copy the following address


4. Paste the address into the top-right field and click "Search Gadgets"

5. Click the "Add" button. UFO Maps is now installed!

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