2014 NFL Win Futures

With so much parity in the NFL nowadays, it is pretty difficult to accurately project a full season of games, not to mention the unknown factor of numerous key injuries. However, we love betting on NFL Futures so we forge ahead. We wager throughout the season so we will adjust our opinion of teams weekly, even it it goes against some of our projections. In the end, we always end up winning more on our Futures than losing, which is the ultimate goal. When it comes to wagering, we always recommend to have multiple locations to get your lines since lines, particularly with Futures, can vary quite a bit from place-to-place so get the best number you can. When reviewing our numbers, you’ll see that we expect no happiness in the New York market until hockey season, Johnny Football not being able to save the Mistake By The Lake, joy in the Midwest as the Colts and the Bears have victorious years and the Rams to toil in misery – actually, when looking at their schedule, Bradford would not have been much help. It is a brutal line-up of games for them.


East Bill Book

New England 11 11

Miami 7 7.5

Buffalo 6 7

NY Jets 5 7


Baltimore 9 8.5

Pittsburgh 9 8.5

Cincy 9 9

Cleveland 5 6.5


Indy 11 9.5

Tenn 8 7

Houston 7 8

Jax 5 5


Denver 12 11.5

KC 8 8

San Diego 8 8

Oakland 5 4


East Bill Book

Philly 9 9

Wash 7 7.5

Dallas 7 7.5

NY Giants 6 8


Green Bay 11 10.5

Chicago 10 8.5

Detroit 8 8.5

Minny 5 6


New Orleans 11 10

Atlanta 9 8.5

Carolina 7 8

Tampa Bay 6 7


Seattle 12 11

San Fran 11 10.5

Arizona 8 7

St. Louis 4 6

AFC Division winners: New England, Baltimore, Indy, Denver

AFC Wildcards: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati

AFC Championship game: Denver over New England

NFC Division winners: Philly, Green Bay, New Orleans, Seattle

NFC Wildcards: San Fran, Chicago

NFC Championship game: San Fran over Seattle

Super Bowl Champs: San Fran

After being close enough to the Lombardi trophy to spray some polish on it, the Niners will finally break through this year. They currently look like they will start the season off slowly, but they will kick it into a different gear as the season wears on. They have the depth to make a run to the championship from the wildcard bracket as well.