4 Useful Qualities of the Conference Phone

A Bluetooth conference phone is perfect for the small or home office to make the hands-free calls or a proper conference call. By using this type of phone it is easier to connect with two or more people to conduct a meeting without needing to be in the same location. The Bluetooth technology is very versatile and makes it possible to talk to other people using a smart phone, tablet, or computer.


A major benefit of making the conference call is the ability to save a significant amount of time and money. This mainly relates to saving on travel expenses, hotel costs, gas mileage, etc., because it is not necessary for every team member to be at the same location to conduct the meeting and exchange ideas. Also, this type of communication means there is only the need to make a single phone call instead of multiple calls to several different people.

Plus, this type of call can enhance productivity when an agreed agenda is followed by the participants. This helps to keep the call focused and can save time for the more useful meeting.


The conference call is great in a variety of different situations. For instance, it can be used to conduct a large monthly meeting that makes it possible to exchange information with different team leaders or departments. Plus, it is useful for much smaller situations, such as a business communicating with a potential client and manager. A further option with these types of calls is to make it more personal by adding in a video screen which means both parties on the call can see each other.


For the business that is looking to expand, the ability to make the conference call is certain to help and make it a lot easier to connect with the overseas markets. Rather than sending resources and multiple employees to a different country, it is more cost-effective to conduct this type of business using a standard or video conference call. This is certain to help with cutting operation costs and makes it possible for a business to expand into other areas that wouldn’t normally be open to them.


The technology used when making a conference call has seen a lot of advancements in recent years which gives extra security and privacy. Whether it is a VOIP or phones used to conduct the call, there is the option on several systems to password-protect the call to prevent others from listening in.