5 Advanced Mahjong Solitaire Strategies To Get An Edge On The Game

If you have noticed, most people prefer to play oriental games because of their elegant pieces, board and theme. They always bring a peculiar mood to the player, making us completely forget about our everyday work pressure or other things that haunted us for so long! Mahjong is one of the leading game titles that are considered as one of the best board games that are of oriental origin. Mahjong pieces were originally made from ivory but after a ban was implemented on the same, manufacturers switched to artificial raw materials.

However, mahjong solitaire boards still remain quite expensive and finding players who are interested in the game is increasingly becoming difficult. The good news for the Mahjong fan who was disappointed due to these factors is the websites where you can play Mahjong Online. Online gaming usually involves skilled opponents so you need to know how to fight it out professionally. Here are 5 top strategies that will help you to dramatically improve your game play while playing Mahjong Online:

  1. Attack – In Mahjong you should always adapt the attack mode from the very beginning, leaving your opponent no space to think and react to your strategic moves. This is a highly efficient strategy that helps you to maintain your position.
  2. Defense – There is no way for a player to be on the attack mode throughout the game so you should be a good defender too. Do not wait to hear opponents make that dangerous move to defend it but keep an eye on him to figure out the possible next moves. This way you can also maintain your attacking position while defending yourself.
  3. Defensive Attack – Though this may sound very similar to the attack and defense modes, it’s actually different and only experienced players can play defensive attack mode efficiently. You will be keeping an eye on your opponent and while he is crafting an attack on your pieces, you will be preparing your defense with a lot of ambush so that your opponent can never go back from an attack without losing important pieces. This strategy need a lot of practice but if professionally executed, your opponent will always be at high risk.
  4. Dealing With Pieces – Like any other board game where a lot of talent is required, Mahjong also need intelligent gaming strategies. Dealing with the right pieces to play a very important role in the game. You should make sure that the pieces you’re dealing with is not useful for your opponent what else you are actually helping your opponent to make his/her pairs faster. By dealing with unwanted pieces, you’re making it increasingly difficult for your opponents to come up with a defensive strategy that can put a hold on your winning streak. You need excellent evaluation skills to understand the pieces that are absolutely useless for your opponent.
  5. Tenpai – Tenpai is significantly crucial while playing this game as a lot of players have the habit of dealing into the hands of their opponent when the opponent is in Tenpai. This is an absolute wastage of time and there is no way for you to build a matching set with this technique so leave opponents with Tenpai alone and try to figure out other strategies to attack.