5 Most Popular Smartphone Issues Needing Repair

Many a time a glitch in the phone or a mishap makes you apprehensive about its remedy. Not many of us know whether the problem with our cell phone is a common issue that can be solved or not. This unawareness leads us to take a wrong decision like replacing the cell phone instead of repairing it.

The most common types of smartphone repairs are discussed below.

Audio Problem – Erratic or absence of speaker or microphone sound is a common problem. Sometimes the audio files also don’t emit sound. This is usually due to damaged or malfunctioning sound system, speaker, microphone, volume buttons or headphone socket.

Cracked LCD – Mobile phones are not only becoming sleeker by the day, but also more fragile than ever. A drop from a considerably low height too can crack the screen. While you travel, your observation of people around will tell you that most of them use a cracked screen phone. This is a common problem that also has a quick fix. A simple LCD replacement can make your phone like new again.

Water Damage – Your phone may slip into a water closet, a bath tub or any other water body. It might also suffer a liquid spill on it. If such a thing happens what should you do next? Some people or articles may advise you to bury your phone inside uncooked rice but that in reality is of no help. Rather it damages your phone further with its starch content. Water corrodes the internal parts and circuitry. So, a water damaged phone requires an expert technician to repair it.

Broken Buttons – Power and home buttons are used most number of times in a day. So, they are more prone to breakage or malfunctioning than other buttons. Operating a phone without these two important buttons become a pretty difficult job. To end the problem and get back smoothly functioning buttons, a repair center will be of most help.

System Crash – A phone that is primarily used for browsing the net often fall prey to virus attacks which crashes the system. Other reasons for it maybe a motherboard problem or data overload. Whatever the reason maybe, a system crash leaves the phone dead which can only be recovered by an expert technician.

Charging port – We all charge our phones at least once in a day and in most cases more than once. This takes a toll on the condition of the charging port. Inserting the cable roughly daily distorts the port. With such a state, the electric current cannot flow into the phone, making it incapable of being charged. A charging port problem can be fixed only through an experienced cell phone repair center.

If your phone ever encounters any of the above problems, seek an expert repair center’s help to get back your phone recovered. None of the issues can be solved with DIY hacks. Inexperience and lack of knowledge can aggravate the problem further. So, let the experts do their job, while you remain tension free.