5 Technical Reasons To Use Online Fax For Your Business

Now, it’s no big secret the way companies do business in the last few years has drastically changed. Many of these changes have been coming for the last decade or so, but it is the advent of smart phones, ipads, netbooks… and the abundance of wireless web services which have created a virtual revolution for many companies, big and small.

This virtual revolution is exactly as it sounds, most enlightened companies and individuals have embraced these new technologies and have never looked back. They have started using online or Internet fax, virtual PBX systems, mobile cloud computing and other similar services to truly bring their operations into the modern world. In other words, they are taking full advantage of the Internet, mobile communications, computers and smart gadgets of every description to give their companies an edge in today’s very competitive business environment.

Basically, what it all boils down to in the final analysis, these companies are using new technologies to enhance and improve their business communications, both with their clients and with their employees. This has resulted in swifter transactions, 24 hour services, complete mobility, cheaper operating costs, and a workforce which can be totally in sync or on the same page at all times.

However, while cheaper costs, greater convenience and complete portability, are all excellent reasons to embrace these new technologies, there are several more reasons to follow/embrace these new business trends. These reasons are more of a technical nature, but they are just, if not more, important than the obvious factors one considers when switching to any new technology.

So here are 5 technical reasons why you should use or at least consider using online faxing for your business:

Virus Threats & Issues – These pesky problems have plagued email communication and web content for a long time. They can wreck havoc on your business, so you must do everything you can to minimize this issue. Using an online fax system where your vital data can be encrypted is extremely important. Also remember, your messages/faxes are sent in a PDF (Portable Document Formats) and are less likely to contain or carry a virus than regular email.

Data Encryption and Privacy – Plus, your messages are less likely to be intercepted or hacked by third parties when you have complete control over how your information is transmitted and received. Your faxes are “natively” encrypted to ensure safe arrival and private communications.

Spam Filters – We all know that regular emails can be blocked or even nuked by spam filters and web hosts. Using an Internet fax system will ensure your messages reach their destination and are not blocked.

File Size Flexibility – With these new technologies, it is much easier to send large files or data because there is no file size cap – unlike you have with regular email hosts or services.

Legal Acceptance – Keep in mind, regular email may not be considered legal documents in the eyes of many institutions, so using an online fax which has a time-stamped image, will solve or fix this legal hurdle. This can be extremely important if your company uses or have countless binding contracts/agreements which have to be signed and/or processed.

Those are the 5 extra or technical reasons your company or business should be considering online or Internet fax. These are valid factors, which must be considered if you want your company to be operating at its maximum peak performance. You can be assured your competitors have considered or have even embraced these new technologies and are reaping the rewards as you read this information. Not using these modern communication advancement may be detrimental to your business, especially if faxing or faxes play a vital role in your operations – using the traditional fax machine may no longer cut it. But like all business decisions – it’s your call?