Alternative Treatment For Lung Cancer – Wortman Grape Diet

Thanks to the internet people have a huge opportunity to find out so much, about different treatments that otherwise would not have been possible. Of course you really have to know where to look and to your research, but the opportunity is there for everyone. Any person who has an internet connection and a computer can do research on alternative treatments for lung cancer for example and find very effective treatments.

Wortman Grape Diet

This is a very interesting and simple way to treat different types of cancers. Fred Wortman from Albany, Georgia developed malignancy of the intestine that was inoperable, so he faced prolonged radiation treatments. But because Mr. Wortman was a wide reader, he remembered a very simple treatment for cancer. He basically made this cure more simple, by reducing it down to itÅ> basics.

This crape treatment was able to cure lung cancer in just 2 weeks and prostate cancer took about a month. Mr Wortman suggested to drink 24 oz. of (dark concord) grape fruit first thing in the morning. A person should take a few swallows after every 10-15 minutes. He also said not to eat before noon and not to gulp the whole thing down.

After noon you should live your life like you normally do, with the exception of not eating after 20.00. Apparently food does not allow the grape fruit juice to treat the cancer as effectively. This should be kept up for 2 weeks to a month.

This is certainly a very interesting treatment that is not dangerous in any way and every person can try this to find out how effective it really is. Obviously organic grapes have a much better effect than grapes that are not organic, so the better the quality of the grapes, the better the chances. Even if this is not as nearly as effective as Mr. Wortman claimed, it certainly is worth trying.