Amazing New Offset Technology Prints More Colors And Detail

When Good is Not Enough

You probably have never heard of the new high definition stochastic (STO-chas-tic) high-resolution offset printing that is capable of producing near photographic colors and detail. The reason you do know about is why is that there are only a very few commercial printing companies offer it. There are many advantages using stochastic screens. This new screening technology does not use dots. This article explains the difference between the two screening methods.

Conventional Printing Is Just OK

Most local and online commercial printing services use conventional line screens that use dots in a rosette pattern with each ink color at 30-degree angels and black in the middle. Every offset printing service chooses the number of dots per square inch (dpi) in the halftone screens. It can vary from 150 to 300 depending on the company. More dots equal more the detail.

Offset Printing Problems Don’t Get Better

When conventional offset printing problems can’t get fixed using conventional old technology there are potential problems that can occur with the halftone dots. Some of these are moirĂ© patterns and banding. Banding can occur in gradated in tones and color blends when ink builds up and pools.

When Excellence Is Available

There are many advantages using stochastic screens. This new screening technology does not use dots. It uses very tiny 20-micron random specs that simulate grain in film. There are 1,270 specs in a square inch. High resolution stochastic screens produce more cmyk colors, smooth color gradations and blends with more detail in the shadows and highlights and moiré patterns are eliminated.

New Printing Technology Eliminates The Potential Problems

More colors print brighter and sharper because the process uses 10 to 15 percent less ink than conventional offset printing. This eliminates ink pooling so more light is reflected off the white paper and inks can’t pool and create unwanted uneven color blends and gradations. Also, there is more leeway if the registration shifts during the press run. It will not affect the quality of the printing process.

Quality Improves And The Cost Stays About The Same

It is not often when you can buy a higher quality product and the price is about the same as or is less than you might be paying now. This new 21st century offset printing technology makes press set-up easier, faster and has less paper waste during make-ready. The inks dry faster so production times are reduced for more efficiency.

Offset Printing Companies Try To Fool You

When people go online and search the keywords” high resolution” or “high definition” offset printing they are not likely to find an a printing company that actually uses stochastic screens. Many printing services use these keyword marketing terms to try to impress the uninformed researcher into thinking their printing is better. Don’t be fooled. The best way to find out is to contact them and ask what the number of dots per inch line screens they use for offset printing. What ever they tell you it is not high resolution unless they tell you they use high resolution stochastic screen technology.

When Excellence Is Available Good Is Not Enough

When you compare the brightness of colors, the details in highlight and shadow areas, smooth color blends and gradation to previous similar jobs. In addition, stochastic screens can print wow factor effects like lenticular cards, plastic cards, foil cards that do not require expensive dies and hot foil stamping, foil cards can be printed all cymk color using blend and gradations. Now that you know the benefits of near photographic stochastic screen high definition offset printing the next step is to use it on your next printing job.