Balderdash Tips

Balderdash is a great game if you are feeling creative or you just have a very huge vocabulary. There are a few things you can do in order to help you win the game.

1. Wright Short Definitions

Let’s face it you are playing the game you are probably going to guess on the majority of the words. That isn’t necessarily bad, because if other people think your answer is the correct definition then you can still get points.

So how do you write the best answer? Well for starters keep it short. Don’t make it a paragraph but a short answer.

2. Make it Crazy

The real answer is often times something very crazy that not many people would think of. If your answer is a crazy guess with a lot of details chances are it will stick out from the rest and other people might actually pick it as the right answer.

3. Use Details

When you are creating your best guess it is normally a good idea to use the most details as possible. Instead of saying something like, “a type of bird” think about saying of something like, “A type of bird found in the northern part of the sierra desert”. This way it actually looks like a definition and people might pick it as the actual answer.

4. If You Know it say it

Of course if they put out a word and you actually know what the word is or have heard it before you want to actually say the right answer. It is nice to get the 3 points for having the right answer plus it makes you look a whole lot smarter.

5. When all else Fails be Funny

OK it might not be picked as the best answer, but if you can say something funny you might as well put it down. Remember you are playing it to have a good time, have a few laughs.