Benefits of Playing Girl Dress Up Games Online

The increasing demand for online flash games, which are available free in the Internet, has seen a rise in child online playing activity. Kids, especially girls can easily be found playing dress up games online for hours. Dress up games are colorful, fun activities in which the player is required to dress the virtual model, usually a celebrity of some kind. Online dress up games serve as a tool with which young girls learn to combine colors and fabrics to form proper dressing attires, and also share their experiences in group activities with others. Quite often kids will get together to play a game just to share their performance, to play in a group or compete against each other, all for the sake of a good time.

Girl dress up games online is probably the most sought after and played arcade game genre among younger girls. These game aim to entertain and make profit, but at the same time they work on certain areas of the brain that need to be developed in every child. So as far as benefits, we could list helping with the development of the brain’s intellectual and motor functions as one of the most important.

Dress up games online include a great number of options for kids to chose from, such as the design of the clothes, shoes, bags, purses and makeup options. All of these choices feature enticing color palettes and fashionable designs. Girls use the options listed above to exercise their creativity and produce fashion attire that is harmonic and of good taste. The given model to be dressed in the game is practically in her underwear; all the clothing and accessories are put aside and left to the child’s imagination to put on the model to wear. The game relies on the girl’s ability and desire to use her creativity and imagination.

Another aspect of online dress up games is their ability to work on the child’s short term memory. Some dress up games are about matching your design to a snapshot you got a glimpse of before. The kid is required to memorize the snapshot, and then dress the girl with the bits and pieces left in different places. In this process the child will be exercising his short term memory, trying to remember the snapshot of the dress he saw before. As some of us may or may not know, good short term memory is imperative for solving mathematical equations, and is especially useful in algebra and trigonometry applications.

Other games in this same genre are about dressing the girl within a specified time frame. This feature requires the player to display mental agility and coordination, thus improving the brain’s motor functions. The child will need to remember the task at hand and proceed to complete the puzzle like activity with a time restriction.

In the end, there are important benefits for a child’s development when playing dress up games online. Add to the list that they are complete free to play online, and the fact that kids are being benefited while having fun, and you will soon realize how hard they are to beat in this regard.