Breaching Competitive Exams With a Smartphone

Competitive exams can be a stepping stone or a hindrance depending on one’s perspective. Everyone is not blessed with all the facilities that are needed for an uprising student. Engineering/medical entrance exams held in India comes up with a variable pattern of questions every year. The blessed are fortunate enough to attend the coaching classes that one requires. A coaching institute for the engineering and medical entrance preparation charges up to 70000-80000 INR approximately depending upon the institute. People with abundant resources can easily go for the coaching institutes without any further thought. However, the deprived ones cannot afford to do so. One cannot guarantee success based on these coaching institutes and there’s a high probability that all the hard earned money can be easily flushed down the drain. The faculties present have to deal with 60-70 students a class and it is nearly an impossible task for a faculty to concentrate individually on a particular student. The bright ones usually catch up with all the details but however, all cannot be of the same caliber. One needs special attention for these kinds of competitive exams. They contain patterns that one needs to understand and an individual should undergo serious practices if they are to attain success in these competitive exams.

Nowadays, times have changed through technology and the possibilities of breaching these entrance exams have risen. If one can avail a low budget smartphone then it can be highly beneficial for that person. A small budget smartphone in India comes within 5000-6000 INR. Yes, for some the amount that has been stated also may not be affordable but still, it comes under a reasonable range. With cheap and unlimited internet connection packs in India, a student can easily utilize the beneficial factors of having a smartphone. Educational apps such as Top Mock Test ( ) have encouraged all students to dream big. With the help of TMT, an individual can breach the toughest competitive exams that are held in India. This is an app that can be run online as well as offline. The app contains mock tests of variable pattern that focuses on a student’s capability to solve the entire paper within a certain time limit. For an example, the app has categorized the IIT-JEE 2019 mock test papers and the main papers. Step by step shaping the preparation of a student the app completely removes the doubt in one’s mind. A student with rigorous practice shall be able to breach the entrance exams. With the daily updates, preparation shall be a boost to their confidence.