Can Tantra Healing Cure Cancer?

A cure for cancer exists in the healing methods of tantra. This is corroborated by the tantric scriptures and the citations in it.

Cytology is a diagnostic branch of modern practice of medicine that pinpoint early stages of cancer. However, it doesn’t explain the reasons why cancer originates in the body. Tantra practitioners believe they have the answer. Under the guidance of a genuine tantra master, tantra and meditation can indeed heal chronic arthritis, headaches – and yes, cancer as well.

The ancient art of tantra teaches that most of cases of cancer are psychosomatic in nature and origin. Tantra healing methods combine intense chanting and beej mantra hymns at varied vibrations and speeds. They are exhaustively based on tantric scriptures.

Tantric healing has nothing to do with black magic or black arts. Healing through the tantric scriptures is a comprehensive system that gives a detailed understanding of why cancer develops in the body, and what are its specific points of origin are in individual cases. A genuine instructor can train your mind in an integrated manner to lend the power to heal your body.

The word ‘psychosomatic’ implies that the origin of a specific physical condition is a combination of insufficiencies in the mind, body and soul of the sufferer. Tantra believes that the psyche creates the disease, and that the body suffers. Since it is the psyche that is responsible for creating the disease, the only way to cure it is through the psyche. Tantra can cure any disease without having to resort to extended medical treatment, merely by treating through the psyche…. the root of the problem that induced the disease.

As a tantra master, I teach tantric healing so that my students may realize the answers to some of the most thought-provoking questions of life – where do we come from, and why do we have diseases at all in this world? Why can we not be completely free of all diseases? The answers lie within tantra. Students of tantra are aware of the specific roles stress, family and lifestyle play in developing the most life-threatening diseases in the world.