Cancer – The Truth – The Cure

Why is cancer such a scary proposition? Because it carries within the aspect of unknown. If you were to suffer from the worst case of Smallpox and survive, you would know that it is over. With cancer however, you can never be sure that it is truly over. Or can you?

The allopathic understanding of the disease is purely materialistic, the cancer disease is equated with the cancer cell or a tumor, when in reality, those are the effects of the disease.

The cancer is the state of the organism – the entire organism. Let us first discuss the origin, then the manifestation and finally the cure.

The origin of cancer disease is first and foremost in the hereditary influence. Different people may be exposed to the same cancer-causing toxins, suffer the same stress, but not all will develop the disease. For the hereditary influence to manifest, it requires triggers. Any number of diseases, traumas, emotional shocks and even a faulty regimen can trigger the cancer. Many times, it takes more than one trigger and we can find a bad diet combined with emotional shock to be the breaking point.

Human organism is more than just the physical body; since it was stated that cancer is more than the cancer cell, it is important that we understand the human organism in its totality, for there lies the clue to how cancer comes to be.

There are four bodies that comprise the human organism: physical, etheric, astral and ego (ontic organization).

Physical body we are all familiar with; the rest are conceptual. It is like saying ‘the body of law,’ we understand that it is not something that can be grasped physically, but it is real never-the-less.

Etheric body governs over all metabolic processes, it is the true tree of life. Plants are etheric beings, when you see a blade of grass breaking through the concrete, you are seeing etheric forces in action. Physical and etheric bodies form a functional unity.

Astral body is our soul which gives us the capacity to feel and desire.

Ontic organization is what gives humans the stamp of individuality, the power to think rationally and to reflect.

Within the human organism, there exists a delicate balance between these forces. Etheric forces of eternal growth and formation are dominant in youth. They are radial in shape, like arrows (just think of plants). These forces must be properly transformed into astral/spiritual forces, which is why with age we become wise. Spiritual forces are spherical in nature (human head is a sphere).

What is cancer? An out-of-control growth. So which forces predominate? Etheric of course. It means that somewhere, there was a glitch and proper transformation didn’t take place. Astral/ego forces have withdrawn and the etheric forces are running amok. Have you noticed that a tumor is mostly round? Tumor is organism’s last ditch effort to contain the uncontrollable growth, to round it off with the spherical forces. When tentacles start growing out of a tumor, it is a sign that the etheric forces are winning. As long as the tumor remains round, the spherical forces are keeping the cancer under control. Can you see how removing the tumor actually sends the organism into panic? Because no one removed the reason why etheric forces went crazy in the first place.

Now we know that there can be many triggers that cause the astral/ego forces to withdraw: grief and loss, exposure to toxins, vaccinations, you name it. How do you know which exact trigger stands behind that particular cancer case? Many times you don’t, which is why they all need to be removed.

Now we come to the best part – the cure. In a complete system of medicine, founded over two hundred years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the cure is achieved through the sound principles and natural laws. The system is called Heilkunst and it means ‘the science and art of cure and healing’ or ‘the science and art of wholing’- making a person whole (homeopathy is one part of this system).

Traumas, diseases and emotional shocks are removed one-by-one, in a reversed order of their appearance because diseases exist in a time-space continuum. The hereditary influences are dispensed with next according to the law of succession of forces. Along with this process, the regimen is improved and aggressive (and safe) cancer therapy applied, if needed. The remedies used to achieve this are energetic and completely safe and there is no sacrifice required such as destroyed liver, heart or immune system which is the case with allopathic approach.

What is left is a whole human being, free of disease. Is cure achieved in every case? It is in most. This is not a quick fix, although the treatment is incredibly easy to follow. After diseases are removed, it is up to the organism to establish balance and that depends on the age and vitality of the patient. The time has come to rely on real science – one that does not require sacrifice.