Care Against Cancer

Cancer, the incurable disease is an old story; several effective methods of treatment are there: Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and biologic therapy are there to cure and still clinical trials are going on for the better. Various form of cancer prevailing in the world are Bladder, Bone, Brain, Breast, Colorectal, Kidney, Leukemia, Lung, Melanoma, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Oral, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Prostate, Stomach, Uterine.

In India one million new cases of cancer are diagnosed per year. India has the highest number of the oral and throat oncology cases in the world. One third oral cancer patient in the world is from India. Compared to developed countries overall there are less number of cases in India but this could be due to under diagnosis and under reporting. By 2010, these numbers will grow to 15 million cases globally. Most of the time the disease is diagnosed at later stages. Best way is to find it out early and find best remedy needed.

Prevention is better than curing can be applied for cancer also, most of the cancer patients will aware of the disease at the verge of extreme. Some of the habitual routines to follow to avoid such deleterious diseases are:

1) Avoid Exposure to smoke(tobacco)

2) Avoid regular consumption of Alcohol

3) Use of plastics must be restricted by avoiding packed food.

4) Avoid food which kept in fridge, which is treated for sudden cooking process.

5) Keep your body weight under control by regular Cardio Vascular exercise like jogging and walking which will help you keep your body FIT!!!!

6) Avoid consumption of energy dense, high-fat foods like: Butter, ghee, cream, Cookies, cakes, pastries, puffs, pizza, burgers, Deep-fried foods, chips, chaat, mixture, fried chicken, Red meat, mutton, beef, pork.These foods should not be eaten more than once a week, provided you are of normal body weight and percent fat. None of the above must be included daily.

7) Have less amount of Salt, Sugar & Soft Drinks.

8) Consuming fruits, vegetables, dhals/pulses, whole cereals and skimmed milk/curd can appreciably help reduce the risk of developing many types of cancer.

9) Also, have five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You may consume a fruit as a mid-morning snack and another fruit at 6 pm or after dinner. You can have a fresh salad with lunch and with dinner. Besides this, if there is a cooked vegetable (sabji/pallya) every day, this would make five servings.

10) Have Plenty of water, which will help you to exist the toxic material from the body.

11) Protect yourself from the sun. Repeated exposure to sunrays and presence certain chemicals in your environment will enhance the chance of getting skin cancer. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight during high intensity strokes, try to wear light coloured, loose fitting shirts during day time.

12) Some of them even avoid by immunization.

Vydehi Institute of oncology and research Centre, Bangalore is having an out-of -box treatment of cancer with modern facilities. Hospital provides full range of surgeries, with complete chemotherapies. Having pain and palliative care department and a comprehensive rehabilitation services to its patients. Oncology Department also have Laser Guarded Image Radiotherapy along with state of the art Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

These technologies provide solutions in real time monitoring of highly conformal treatments with improved patient safety, which in turn will help in better disease control and quality of life. For better future try to reduce pollutions and follow the best practices for long existence of mankind on earth.