Carpet Cleaning Made Easier

Cleaning a carpet is the most important aspect about keeping a house clean. The carpet retains germs, hair, smell and dirtiness. While cleaning the carpet by yourself might be a good idea sometimes, calling a specialized Rug repair company will bring you some benefits:

1. Economic and Ecologic Methods: The essential stage of cleaning is taking care of carpets, as the difference is given by the size and colors in your home. The simplest method used by the carpet cleaners is the professional washing machine. Hint: Don’t try the washing machine for small carpets. As the washing machine does not have a program for carpets, you might ruin its texture. The specialized companies can determine the texture and consistency of a carpet, being able to identify the right method to clean the carpet, and even for Rug cleaning.

2. Reviving the Colors: If you want to revive the colors of a carpet, you will need to wash it with a solution made of water and white vinegar. However, some carpets are sensitive to vinegar, and the company must determine the consistency of the carpet, to see if it can actually be washed with vinegar. Anyway, don’t try this unless you are sure that the carpet can be washed with this substance.

3. Use Special Products: You can find many reliable washing products for carpets in stores, but the majority of those are not that great. Moreover, some of those substances might be good for your carpet, but those can be harmful for pets or children. The liquid solutions are the best, but the best idea is to ask the cleaning company about the best products that can be used. Moreover, the smells can’t be eliminated that easy, so for a carpet that is put in a room where people smoke, you should use reliable materials.

4. Ingenious cleaning ideas: A new invention that is used everywhere today is the foam spray. This works in the profoundness of the carpet and it does not attack the material. The good news is that the foam can be removed faster. The bad news is that you might not find this spray in the common stores, and this is why you will have to call the Rug repair company to find this for you.

5. Fast Intervention when Liquid is Spilled: If you spill liquids accidentally on the carpet, such as wine, milk, coffee, the first thing to do is to remove the excess liquid as soon as possible. Then, you will have to use cold water before detergent. This way, the liquid is cleaned even if the material of the carpet is not affected. Don’t rub. Press napkins and toilet paper against the carpet, as by rubbing, you will only fix the stains more in the carpet.

Even if you apply these techniques and you are able to keep the carpets clean, the intervention of a specialized company is required at least once a year. This way, you will be able to determine if your carpets are still resistant, and to find out more about the latest and most effective cleaning products that you can use.