Ciphone C9 3GS Smartphone Brings More Exciting Features You’d Want to Have

Everyone has small individual preferences and needs when buying phones, but one thing remains constant with them all – each of them want a phone that’s smart. Well, luckily for you your search ends here! Not only is the Ciphone C9 3GS smart, but it will absolutely meet all your needs and more, not to mention you can’t go wrong with the incredible price of only $218.00. This amazing high-tech Smartphone runs Windows 6.5. Don’t like Windows? Good thing the Ciphone C9 3GS displays both the Windows default theme and the iPhone theme on it’s smooth, 3.5 inch touch screen.

So what can this portable device do for you? The Ciphone C9 3GS has tons of features, and even supports custom applications. Let’s start with internet. This mobile masterpiece supports WiFi, allowing you to connect to the internet wherever WiFi is provided. Oh, and have you ever needed to look up directions? The Ciphone C9 3GS allows you to do so on the go, with supported custom maps! And you know you’ll never lose precious memories with the 2.0MP Built-in-Camera.

Also included in this fantastic deal is the mobile office. Doesn’t sound so neat yet? Well, mobile office just so happens to be a series of PPC software, including MSN, Windows Live, and Adobe Reader. And the video player supports pretty much any video file you’d want to watch: AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MOV, ASF, WMV, MPEG.

But there’s still more. How would you like to record with a 3.5mm microphone built right into your cell phone? You’ve got it right here, in the Ciphone C9 3GS. Is gaming a feature you’d like to have? Because this Smartphone has a G-Sensor, which supports sensor gaming! Not to mention, when you’re listening to your very favorite music, you can just lightly shake the phone to switch songs.

So where are you going to store all this data your phone holds? How about in it’s 4GB/8GB built in memory! That’s a lot of information you can keep, right in your pocket.

If you have trouble hitting all those little buttons on the touch screen with your fingers, fear not – the Ciphone C9 3GS comes with it’s own stylus. Never have to worry again about spending forever trying to hit all the right keys.

Worried about network support? Well don’t be! Check this out – the Ciphone C9 3GS comes with Quadband Network Support (in English), for anywhere in the world. Never be stuck troubleshooting with your phone again! As far as warranty goes, your phone will come already with a twelve month manufactory warranty, so you’ll be sure your phone’s working perfect.

The best part about this phone is that there are no hidden fees for extra items. Your package will come with the phone itself, one built-in-battery, one pair of earphones, a USB cable to upload and change your data and files, the awesome (and very helpful) stylus, and even a nice case so that your phone won’t get scratched when you carry it with you.

The Ciphone C9 3GS comes in both black in white, for no additional fee. I urge you to try it today.