Coronavirus – Ancient Method of Health, Happiness, Youth and Faith

Many confuse faith and rigid belief systems as similar, while more confuse faith and residual happiness as separate.

Religious faith tends to be doctrine-ridden. In how well we can preach literal stories as real as opposed to mature esoteric understanding.

And, of course, true faith — literal or esoteric — can be seen everywhere, in everyone and in every situation. Faith is when the THOUGHT of God is absent, or, working through divine standard unconsciously. After-all, a thought of God is still only a thought, it’s a thing, it passes.

This term, ‘rigid belief systems’, I feel, has caused much malfunction globally regards mental health and physical well-being.

The gospels are not setting out religious belief systems for anyone. Not advocating strict moral dictates to the extent that one is existing robotic-like. Thus, not living one’s natural freedom status through the body consciousness, stifles free-flowing creative expression, the very substance or nature of our Being.

As spiritual Beings, and as co-creators with God, humans were not created to be locked away from the ‘hell-world’ in spiritual caves, monasteries or institutional dungeons. (This is not referring to the present global lockdown).

If our humanity is never tested by the laws of nature, by the hustle, bustle and temptations of daily living, then how strong or abiding is our over-all faith?

The same applies to youth and health.

Many confuse absence of youth with chronological age, when in fact youth essentially is an inner state of well-being, at any age.

Many confuse ill-health with fate or genetic inheritance. The reality is, we create our own standard of health by the food we eat and the thoughts we entertain. This simple format of food nourishment and mental nourishment, supplies the mind-body with the vital life-force known as kundalini energy.

In other words, food makes the body, while Spirit forms the soul.

The Bible is allegorical

So much confusion can arise based on our belief systems, our faith and our standard well-being. So let us now address this apparent confusion, in the spiritual context.

Firstly, the Bible is presented in coded or symbolized language. Names, places and events refer to inner faculties, to altering states of consciousness.

The truth is, every soul from birth has innate faith. And bringing this to its highest fruition in consciousness, requires personal inward travel, not outer conditioning.

And while many religions refer to the Bible, the Bible is not referring to ANY religion.

Authentic Heaven

The Bible’s essence is, was, and always will be, present within each soul. Hence Jesus’ words, ‘the kingdom of heaven – Christ — is within’. This being the reality, why has so much emphasis, over the centuries, been placed on the outer dynamic in finding Christ and Truth.

While scripture’s core soul-saving message always existed – albeit without an adequate verbal language to convey such — the tenets existed within each heart in ignorance format, but which simply required instruction, not doctrine.

Achieving a Self-revealing gospel consciousness — the wordless format — calls for direct experience of utter silence, direct experience of our Higher Self or Christ. In finding such, we’ll have found Authentic Heaven, Authentic Wisdom or direct Revelation from within.

The reality is, we don’t NEED to physically read particular scriptures in order to find God within. Meaning, if we never read a single word of scripture, then that’s fine with God too. Once we’ve established pure-silence in consciousness, and express such through the heart, then God will have no problem picking up on our compassionate-love vibration, whatever our positional status in life is — creed or non-creed.

The question arises, how do we come upon the Bible’s core message without reading it. How then do we unravel the gems of esoteric wisdom therein? How is ignorance based consciousness transformed naturally into Enlightened Awareness? What is the method?

The answer to these questions are in the form of yet another question.

Esoterically who or what is biblical Jesus?

Biblical, or esoteric, Jesus represents inner Potential: the ideal human; the human soul in process of perfecting spiritually.

To this end, the Bible reminds us that, Noah, was instructed the build an Ark.

So, what was this Ark event which eventually came to rest atop of a mountain. What was the flood that God sent to raise Noah’s Ark?

The flood was a surge of transformational bliss-silence in to the mind-body, the Ark.

Noah is symbolism for you-soul. And the mountain which the Ark came to rest upon was the Higher Peace, Ageless Happiness, Christ Love within our own consciousness. In other words, silence builds the spiritual Ark or Mind.

Biblical Jesus, therefore, symbolizes the divine spark potential within each human seeking their eternal Christ Soul. Jesus, the spark, becomes the Eternal Flame, the medium through which Christ-consciousness reflects as our immediate conscious awareness.

The Bible, therefore, is not referring to historical people, names or events. The Bible, being allegorical, is not intended to be taken literally. Names and places are references to spiritual happenings or awakenings within the human mind-body physiology.

These inner changes represent the biblical miracles as set out in Revelations 6 onwards under the heading “the 7 seals” meaning the 7 spiritual chakras along the spinal column which, from human birth, are in need of activation for serving divinely, spiritually.

‘Miracles’ are what happen within our own consciousness. Therefore, awakening the indwelling dynamic, the Jesus-spark, produces the flood which raises the level of our Ark to Christ standard consciousness.

Igniting this spark-potential is our only priority in life.

So, in this time of coronavirus, how then do we ignite the spark, this miracle potential as immunity protection. How do we cross the mire of ignorance-based health into disease-free consciousness? And, how do we raise our Ark and fulfill the entire Bible’s message naturally from within as intended?

The secret is convergence

Have you ever wondered why so many ancient churches had a spire built into their structure, and why a Bell was positioned inside the top of the spire?

The subliminal spire message is, convergence, with the Bell symbolizing spiritual vibration or divine emanations from the spire point.

When all mental faculties become centered or concentrated to a point, we become as spire, inwardly con-verged to what Revelations refers to as the 7th seal, the pineal gland in mid brain.

Spire point will take the awareness to its highest spiritual level, that of Ark consciousness. Here, sense consciousness becomes transformed beyond phenomenal existence into the transcendental state of unbounded cosmic awareness. No disease can exist here.

Infinity being the borderless state, it represents the highest stage of our evolution here on earth. This is soul liberation from the clutches of ignorance-life or ‘hell’. And even though we’ve been here many times previously, this blessed Bliss state can be secured permanently here on earth, in this life-time.

Convergence and the 3rd Eye

Converge means ‘con’ or join the verge(s) into point. Practical convergence essentially is a process leading to pointed awareness, localized between the eyebrows in the mid brain. This brain point is of divine stature.

Also known as the third eye – Eye of the soul – convergence is the entry point into expanded awareness, into peace and disease-free consciousness. Regular convergence at 3rd eye point is necessary. This in time brings about the immunity, the happiness and the peace every soul yearns. This is transcendental pure consciousness.

This is how the mind becomes infinity-infused, immortality-acquainted, or, infinity-knowing.

The expression Infinity-infusion is a practical term through which to express the abstract borderless state. The borderless state is Pure Existence. Therefore, becoming Pure Existence is the encoded nature of each soul seed. To pollinate this seed, we’re ‘called’ to convergence, pointed silence, there to re-birth out of the human condition into Eternal Spirit.

For this metamorphosis ‘event’, the lower ego is surrendered unto pure inner silence thereby undergoing ‘crucifixion’ – this is the purification process – lower-self dying to Higher Self awakening.

Think caterpillar into butterfly. It’s the same for humans except we humans morph or transform into God Spirit.

The In-Spired State

In convergence meditation, local consciousness transcends time, space and causation. Coming out of meditation, consciousness retains much of infinity-infused silence until our next meditation. Thus, regular twice daily meditation ensures permanent infinity-infused awareness or human consciousness witnessing divinely.

In steady convergence, the phenomenal world collapses into point, into infinity – they are both the same. Point has the DNA of infinity and infinity has the DNA of point. They’re eternally inseparable. Thus, knowing infinity, immortality, is the God-given potential of each soul.

While scriptures indeed play a vital role initially, ultimately, it’s you as ‘I’ – minus belief systems — which enters the pure silence. It’s this ‘I’ which then becomes the Risen Christ, the Risen Consciousness. In other words, the Resurrection is within.

The nomadic mind wonders no more for morsels of second-hand knowledge and outer world conditioning. Convergence has brought the soul Home. Our life purpose is fulfilled.

Our liberated soul now reflects the Light and Wisdom of God.

So be it. Blessings.