Covid-19 Prevention

In today’s high tech world the prospect of living longer is all but assured by the marvels of modern medicine. But, with the advances in medical technology and updated vaccines has always come with purse strings. Through-out history it has always been the more affluent that are the first ones and in many cases are the only ones to be the beneficiaries of medicine and medical procedures. In too many instances people have died just because of the affordability factor. Case in point: When the AIDS vaccine was first introduced to increase the life expectancy of those infected was available to only those who could afford it. Consequently, more people even to this day succumb to this deadly disease.

We have come a long way in medical discoveries since the 1980’s. Education is still a critical factor in preventing illnesses. That old saying ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is still very relevant even today, especially in the prevention of AIDS and this current Covid-19 plague. With the CDC and the AMA jointly promoting Covid-19 vaccinations similar to those vaccinations administered to children before entering school has serious flaws. Years ago when a child was of school age the required vaccinations were the MMR Mumps, Measles, and Rubella. Now, today there are so many vaccinations that are mandated by each state it defies logic. As a result this shows just how much the Pharmaceutical industry controls the CDC and the AMA and not the other way around.

What is driving this increase of mandated vaccinations is the question that nobody in government is willing to be concerned about. Meanwhile, the United States has seen a steady rise in illnesses, ailments and other assorted diseases that have made this nation one of the least healthiest country around the world. It is worth mentioning that the medical community has always favored the Pharmaceutical industry for antidotes for various diseases and aliments instead of educating the public of what are the root causes of all these diseases and ailments. In remembering Chiropractic Medicine it took years before the AMA finally recognized that Chiropractic procedures were viable forms of reliable medical practice.

Now, today with the Covid-19 pandemic ragging the Pharmaceutical industry was very aggressive in pursuing antidotes to curb the onslaught of this very contagious virus. The CDC and the AMA were both onboard to sanction along with the FDA’s approval of the now prescribed vaccines have unleashed a frenzy to inoculate as many people as possible. Unknown variables still exist with these vaccines. This leads to more questions about the swift process of their development. Are they really safe with little or no side effects? Does this vaccine require yearly booster shots? And, what is the actual cost that is incurred?

Each year we see flu vaccinations being administered all across the country. You can get the vaccine at most CVS or Walgreens and even at Walmart. It should be noted that when this Covid-19 vaccine rolled out the same distribution should have been followed with the yearly flu vaccines. But, sadly it was not. Consequently, the distribution has met with ongoing problems increasing tensions all across the country when at a time our troubles just keep piling up. There are still desperate people who believe that this vaccine is the great cure all. Unfortunately, the verdict is still out.

To eradicate this virus and even the every day cold and flu requires our understanding of the root causes that trigger one to become infected to begin with. First, we have to understand the Pharmaceutical industry is a multi Billion dollar conglomerate whose sole purpose is profit orientated. Designed really not for the publics health but for profit. The public continues to be riddled with more diseases and aliments every year while spending more for cures that really don’t solve the cause of their disease or aliment. And, the medical community has been very reluctant in accepting innovations that circumvent their traditional approach on medical practices. Today, it is basically a money game played with peoples lives and their health.

What needs to be done is a double edge sword. There is no doubt that many vaccines have increased mankind’s survival rates, stopped the spread of contagious deadly diseases and turned potential epidemics into minor outbreaks. But, nobody has really addressed preventative solutions that would and can make humanity free from being susceptible to the kinds of illnesses we are seeing today. For decades the American public’s diet has been suffering extreme depletion of vital nutrients that increase immune systems. The industrialization of food sources has rendered much of the public to suffer the consequences of non nutrient edible food. When we think abut the bodies immune system we rarely consider what we eat as a way of preventative medicine. But, in reality that is the greatest factors of how to prevent one from becoming ill.

That saying “your are what you eat” has an awful allot to do regarding your overall health and increased immune efficiency. Today, we see allot of advertising on probiotics but very little mention of prebiotics, both together make up Butyrate. It is Butyrate that is essential for the body to function at optimum levels. With out sufficient Butyrate in your diet the bodies immune system falters so that you are more susceptible to contract all sorts of diseases and ailments. The problem today is that the foods containing Butyrate don’t have the potency they should have. All because of the lack of nutrient rich soil in which most of our food is grown. Let’s be clear the immune system is the bodies way of fending off potential threats to ones health. And when the immune system is not up to snuff as they say we become very susceptible to all sorts of illness and viruses like Covid-19.

With the safety guidelines already in place like social distancing, hand washing, face masks are all safety measures to avoid infection but the main source of reducing this Covid-19 pandemic is to increase our bodies immune system. When our immune system is a peak level the severity of any disease that just happens to infect one is met with a swift attack to minimize the severity and a quick recovery ensues. We need to reduce our dependency of the industrialization of our food and return to individual family farming. When we do farms return to the rotation of crops so the soil has a year to regain the nutrients that are necessary to produce nutrient rich Butyrate in the food that is grown.

Butyrate is the one component that is critical in the reduction of disease and with out sufficient levels of Butyrate in our bodies we become receptors of so many devastating health concerns that have only increased our dependency on the Pharmaceutical industry and their drugs. Drugs that only increase more drug dependency. Drugs that won’t actually cure the many illnesses that so many of us become infected with. This Covid-19 virus can be prevented or if one becomes infected their illness is greatly less severe and their recovery is that much quicker all because of the level of Butyrates in our digestive track.