CryAnimation DLL Error Fix – How To Repair CryAnimation Crysis Error

Cryanimation.dll is a file used in games such as “Crysis” (which use the Crysis game engine) to help col various graphical elements inside the game. More specifically, the file is continually being used to control the “death sequences” in which your character may experience the rag doll effect. Although this file is an extremely important component for Crysis & other games, it’s continually causing a lot of errors on your computer because of the way it’s used. If you have errors caused by CryAnimation.dll, you need to be able to fix them in the quickest and most effective way – which can be done using the tutorial outlined in this article.

The errors which cryanimation.dll will cause includes:

  • “cryanimation.dll Not Found”
  • “This application failed to start because cryanimation.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot find cryanimation.dll”

The errors which this file causes are common because of the way in which your computer uses the file in the games you want. It’s often the case that your PC will either have an incorrect version of cryanimation.dll on your system, corrupted file or some other damaged settings leading your PC to show the error. To fix the problem you’re seeing, you need to be able to cure the various problems that can often cause the cryanimation.dll error to form.

The first step to fixing this error is to update your games with all the latest patches. EA Games is one of the best software houses for releasing timely updates for its software. You should initially log onto the EA website and update the games you have to ensure they are all running with the latest versions. If you do this and find the error still occurs, you should then reinstall the game causing the error as well as replacing the cryanimation.dll file on your PC.

The second step to fix this error is to use a software program called a ‘registry cleaner’. This is a program which will scan thorugh the registry of your PC and fix the various errors which are inside it. The registry is a central database of settings & options which are continually being used to help Windows run as smoothly as possible. Although this database is one of the most important parts of Windows, it’s continually being damaged and corrupted. Not many people know this, but many of the dll files Windows uses to run are kept in a large list inside this database. It’s often the case that this list will become damaged, leading to a variety of errors to form. To ensure this problem does not cause the cryanimation error on your PC, you should use a registry cleaner program to clean out any potential errors your system has. This should fix the error for good.