Disturbing Things I Do On The Phone With Women

Back in the day, when I suspected a woman was going to flake, one of my tactics was to call her before meeting her. I discovered it reduced flaking by a lot. Once on the phone, I did something I think women would find disturbing! In fact, I’m pretty sure if they knew what I was doing, they would freak out and maybe even call the cops on me.

You curious?

Wanna know what I did?


I’ll tell you…


Alright, alright, fine, FINE… I’ll tell you now… (Gee!)


So here we go…

Most times, while on the phone with a woman, I would hold a knife in my hand!

Don’t worry.

It wasn’t a butcher’s knife or anything like that.

It was my Swiss Army knife.

Now, why would I play with my Swiss Army knife while on the phone with a beautiful woman? Am I some sort of whack job who fantasizes about cutting chicks into pieces on the phone?

Of course not!

So why did I do this?

A smart neuroscientist discovered a link between your hands and the creative side of your brain. You might have noticed that when you’re playing with a pen, a stress ball, or even just a paperclip, solutions for some of your most nagging problems just pop into your head. And when you’re on the phone with a woman and want to have a free-flowing conversation, methinks it’s a good thing to be creative!

That’s why I often held something in my hand while on the phone.

Sometimes it would be my Swiss Army knife, sometimes a pen, sometimes one of those stress balls (you know, the ones that were pretty popular back in the day).

Which brings your knife-wielding narrator to the point:

One of the best things you can do to get more dates from online dating is to suggest a virtual date first.

It can be a video call or a phone call. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is this:

When you’re on your virtual date, have something in your hand to play with.

You’ll be more creative.

It’s that simple!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to set up a virtual date, it’s also simple. After you’ve been chatting for a while online, suggest a virtual date just as you would suggest a regular date. There’s really nothing different about it.

For example:

“You seem like a fun person. Let’s have a video chat so we can talk like real people. Do you prefer Skype or Facetime?”

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.