Does the NoNo Skin Work? The Truth Behind the NoNo Skin

Does the NoNo Skin Work & What Is It Capable Of Doing?

The No No Skin is a revolutionary treatment system that can remove unwanted pimples and acne spots from your face, neck as well as your chest, back and other areas of your body.

In as little as 24 hours the No No Skin can remove all visible signs of acne and if you continue to use the No No skin over time, you’ll find you’ll never have acne problems again.

What makes the No No Skin so much better than other acne treatments is that instead of using the usual creams or facial washes to remove dirt, dust and oils from your face, it get rid of those nasty spots almost instantly by using an amazing new invention called LHE technology.

“LHE” stands for “Light Heat Energy” and this type of treatment has been proven to be over 80% more effective at getting rid of acne for good. LHE uses heat to gently open up your pores and remove deep-seated dust and oil from beneath your skin. Whereas your average acne wash or cream just takes the dirt off the skin’s surface – why do you think those spots always come back?! – the No No Skin attacks your acne problems at a much deep level. In just a short space of time, the No No Skin will cause all your pimples and acne to disappear without leaving behind darkened spots or similar skin blemishes.

However the big question is: Does The No No Skin Really Work?

The answer to this is a “yes, and then some!”

Most other acne treatments aren’t that good at removing oils and dirt from your back and chest since the skin in these parts is thicker which makes it more difficult to treat than your face. If you’ve try to get rid of spots on your back or chest you’ll know what I mean.

The No No Skin solves this problem since the heat it emits is able to open up your pores enough to get under even the toughest of skin areas. Not only this, as an FDA approved device the No No Skin is also completely painless to use since the tip which emits the heat never actually touches your body. This makes it one of the only acne free devices which is completely safe to use without irritating or hurting your face.

My experience with the No No Skin…

Like you, I have being looking for a cure for my acne problems on my face and back for ages. Before I began using the No No Skin, I was a long term user of astringents and facial cleansers but my skin never really responded well to those chemically-based products. If you’re like me and have sensitive skin these chemical products are a really bad idea since they can cause long term skin damage and ultimately do more harm than good.

This is why I went with the No No Skin device. Since it treats my acne without actually touching my skin it perfect for anyone who worries about scarring their face with chemical creams or facial washers.

In Just 23 days, Every Single Trace Of Acne On My Face Disappeared!

The trick with the No No Skin is to use it regularly. In my case, I used the No No Skin on my face and chest as soon as I wake up and once in the afternoon or before going to bed, and also as soon as I spot a new pimple.

This was enough to get rid of all my acne in just over 3 weeks! I should say that although I did have serious acne problems, they were enough to stop me going out with my friends in the evening and now I never have to worry. Happy, happy, happy!