Fighting Leukemia With a Capsule

NTense is a food supplement which combines different powerful medicinal plants. The product became popular worldwide which led to the creation of a newer, more enhanced, version called N Tense-2. N Tense-2 is said to be an alternative cure for different types of cancer, including leukemia.

Components of NTense-2 proven to cure leukemia include Bitter melon, Espinheira Santa, Mullaca, Vassourinha and Cat’s Claws.

Bitter melon is a fruit-bearing vine. As its name suggests, bitter melon fruits are extremely bitter and are warty in appearance. Natives used the plant to cure measles and diabetes. Furthermore, it can be used to treat leprosy, eczema, sores and larger wounds. Taking in bitter melon also aids in eliminating parasites inside the body. Studies showed that all parts of the plant posses hypoglycemic properties which function to lower blood sugar beneficial for diabetics. Fruit extracts of bitter melon also aids in stabilizing insulin secretion and combined with the seeds, the fruit can eliminate excess fats in the body. Bitter melon has been considered clinically as a cure to diabetes mellitus only until further studies have revealed its possibility to cure leukemia, melanoma and liver cancer.

Espinheira Santa is a small tree that grows to five meters. It has green leaves and bears berries. Espinheira Santa fruits are oblong-shaped and contain one or two black seeds. The plant is often used to ease arthritis pain and extract of its leaves is taken in to cure stomach disorders such as ulcer and gastritis. Aside from leukemia, it can also inhibit tumor growths for adenocarcinoma, lymphoma and melanoma.

On the other hand, Mullaca is a shrub commonly used for treating hepatitis B and bacterial infections. It also aids in strengthening the immune system. Extraction of the whole plant can be used to cure leukemia. Components of the plant kills the cancer cells directly while at the same time enhancing the function of the immune system; thus, keeping the body active and healthy.

One of the most effective anti-cancerous plant ingredients of NTense-2 is Vassourinha. Vassourinha is an herb that grows only to half a meter high. It is commonly found in tropical countries and produces tiny, white flowers. Sadly, many people consider it as a weed.

Chemical tests conducted on vassourinha revealed that the plant contains many phytochemicals, some of which are only found in the plant. Vassourinha phytochemicals include scopadulcic acid and betulini acid exhibit antricancerous properties.

Scopadulcic acid can eliminate different kinds of cancer tumors while betulinic has shown anti-cancerous and antiviral potentials. The cytotoxic property of betulinic acid has been observed in melanomas and leukemia. Its curative effect on HIV is also currently being studied.

The cat’s claw herb is a common ingredient in traditional medicine. It is often used to treat inflammations and is said to be effective in correcting bone irregularities such as osteoporosis. In the field of women’s health, cat’s claws have been studied as possible treatment for breast cancer. Researches also showed that cat’s claw inhibited the mutation of some leukemia cells and killed the other damaged cells upon onset of application.

NTense-2 as a treatment for leukemia and other types of cancer is still under further study. However, seeing these plants and their curative properties, one cannot really question the high demand for NTense and the increasing market for NTense-2.