Finding a Cancer Cure Would Put the Cancer Care Industry Out of Business!

Legally, I can’t tell you that monatomic gold cures cancer, even though scientific studies have shown that cancer patients taking monatomic gold have experienced improvement in their condition. For now, I’ll just relate my viewpoint based on what I’ve read and what I’ve experienced.

I’ve never had cancer, but my mom did. She died from the TREATMENT! Her father had cancer and died. My dad’s mom had cancer and died. There’s a lot of conjecture in the medical community as to the causes of cancer. Before the industrial revolution, cancer cases were rare. Many effective cancer treatment protocols were developed prior to 1950’s, but these treatments were suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment at the behest of the pharmaceutical corporations. One natural cancer therapy that I can’t legally tell you actually works is cottage cheese and flax oil. That’s pretty simple, and totally non-toxic. Won’t kill you like chemo-therapy might, like radiation probably will.

A mineral supplement derived from gold, called monatomic gold has been used by ancient cultures throughout earth’s history as an aid in spiritual ascension. Modern scientific research has shown that subjects taking monatomic gold show an immediate increase in brain synchronization, leading to stress relief. Legally, I can’t tell you that stress causes cancer. I also won’t tell you that de-stressing will cure your cancer.

It’s also been observed that monatomic gold repairs DNA. It’s the DNA that tells the cells what to do, when and how to divide, whether to be healthy or unhealthy. Exposure to environmental toxins like petro-chemicals can damage the DNA, leading to cancer. Certain supplements have shown to aid in detoxification of these unnatural chemicals. Would you be surprised to discover that many pharmaceutical drugs are synthesized from petroleum? What connection do you think might exist between the petroleum industry and the pharmaceutical industry?

Before the prohibition era, Henry Ford produced automobiles designed to run on pure ethanol. John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil fame used his influence to push for the prohibition of the sale of alcohol, not to stop people from drinking, but to shut down the fuel competition from Ford’s ethanol production. Ford had filling stations that were ethanol-dedicated, garnering some 25% of the fuel sales in America. Then came prohibition. Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel, producing no toxic emissions. Petroleum based fuels and petroleum refinement to make gasoline and diesel fuel produces cancer causing toxic by-products. Some of these waste by-products are used in the manufacture of cancer drugs and other pharmaceutical drugs. Read the lists of side-effects! Jeesh!

It’s time we grow up and start thinking for ourselves. Television gets most of it’s ad revenue from drug ads! Television also uses subliminal messages to program the subconscious mind to action. It’s also been discovered that brain-waves of television watchers are identical to brain-waves of subjects under hypnotic trance!

My experience taking monatomic gold is my mind is sharper. My dreams are more vivid, and I experience a greater since of synchronicity of experience. You know those “Aha!” moments? So, how might having access to a greater mental capacity effect your ability to handle health challenges? Do you think you might be able to better sort it out for yourself, rather than just blindly following the advice of some oncologist who has yacht payments to make?

To life!