Finding a Cure For Leukemia

Ever since Cancer has been around, there have been people who have been researching to find its cure. Dr. Tullio Simoncini is one person who has advanced the knowledge, theories, and cures behind all types of cancer for many decades. Here is some information on Dr. Simoncini, and his efforts to find a cure for leukemia.

One of Dr. Simoncini’s famous theories involves the use of sodium bicarbonate. The most common form of this chemical compound can be found in baking soda. And although modern medicines have replaced baking soda for many people, it is a common fact that baking soda can work as an antacid for stomach relief. Baking soda can also be used to help with bladder infections, and kidney disorders.

Simoncini believes that baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate can also be used as a cure for leukemia. This is based on his theory that cancer is a fungus. Many people disagree with Simoncini’s terminology, and classifying cancer as a fungus, but it is hard to argue with his results.

The exact reason for baking soda’s killing effect on cancer is unknown, but there are many theories surrounding it. Some people believe that the sodium bicarbonate shocks the cancer with alkaline and oxygen, which reverses the hypoxia. Other people believe that the sodium bicarbonate acts as a sponge and helps to soak up all of the chemicals present in cancer cells. Simoncini believes that cancer is an advanced form of fungus, which baking soda has been known for years to fight.

Whatever the reason for its effectiveness, Simoncini has helped hundreds of patients fight their cancer. Also, being treated with Simoncini’s method has a much smaller amount of side effects as opposed to chemotherapy, which, according to Simoncini, destroys the cancer but also everything else in its path.

Instead, he says, a patient should try to get sodium bicarbonate into contact with all infections of cancer. Orally for the digestive tract, enemas for the rectum, and intravenous injections for the brain and lungs. Simoncini has reported success with almost all types of cancer. He also reports that this could be a cure for leukemia as well.

If you are interested in treating yourself with this method, it is important that you do research. There is a lot of weight held in Simoncini’s research, but you should take to your doctor to get their professional recommendation.