Free PSP Downloads – Games – Over 27 Best PSP Download Sites Reviewed

The PSP hand held video game console has got to be one of my all time favorites! Like all game consoles that I have had over the years I sooner or latter begin the quest for cheap or in this case free PSP downloads. You have a few available options if you wish to get some PSP games online.

First option (PSP Download games for free) Tread carefully as most games contain bugs and spyware

If you are prepared to take the risk of downloading games riddled with spyware, and all sorts of bugs you can take the plunge in a search engine, looking for the term free PSP games You will know when you have found a site as you will most likely also get porn banners and message prompts as there sites try to embed files on your computer without you knowing. Once you get past the banners and message prompts you may or may not find something to download! If you do find something to download – even on a high speed cable or DSL connection you will get the file in 2 – 3 days or so & still run the risk of getting a virus or having spy ware installed.

Second option – PSP Download for FREE (APPARENTLY)

There are many other sites out there that tend to look allot cleaner as they don’t have porn banners and pop ups but have many hidden fees such as monthly plus a download fee per game. I’m not to fond of this at all as we have the Third option

OK here it is option Three (MY FAVORITE)

Don’t worry people i wasn’t going to leave you in the dark ! There are sites out there that will let you download till your hearts content at TURBO speeds, downloading games & music etc.