Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL and the Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler

I’m with All Star Medical and today we want to show you the Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL and the Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler. Both of these are their three-wheeled versions. They are probably our most popular scooters that we sell and we just want to get them side-by-side so you can see the difference. We are Pride fans and Golden Technologies fans so we don’t really have a preference either way, but we do like to show you the different features that they offer so you guys that maybe can’t make it in-store to see these chairs can make a good decision online and, you know, order from All Star Medical.

So, what I have here, I’m gonna start out with the Buzzaround XL. As you can see, you have a round handle. It goes all the way around both sides which makes it really easy to turn one way or the other. Comparing to the handle here with the Elite Traveler it is just a bar so you can turn either way. Again, just to compare the difference, too, the trigger for the speed is here. And then the trigger for the speed and the reverse are here. You can see the dials and everything are very, very similar. It has a key, a horn, and a speed dial, along with an indicator for battery life.Your baskets are pretty much identical. I would say the Buzzaround XL has a little bit larger basket. Also, has a handle if that comes in handy for you. They are detachable. You have the ability to charge right here on the Buzzaround as well as the same thing goes for the Elite Traveler. You can charge right there. So both of them have charge points at the top which come in really handy if you can’t bend over to reach the charger below.The Buzzaround XL does have a light which you can flip on right here. That is probably one of the features that the Elite Traveler doesn’t have. Don’t really see that as a big deal. Occasionally, maybe out at night, the light does come in handy. But, other than that there’s not a lot. Your battery boxes, you’ll see, are very similar. I’m going to take them off. One nice feature that both these companies do is they give you the ability to charge this inside the house without having to take the battery and the entire chair inside.

So if you’re on vacation or you’re somewhere and you’re limited on space you just need your charger plus the battery box and you could leave the mobility scooter in your vehicle without having to, you know, bring it all in if that was needed. So, kind of a neat little feature there. Both of them have four mile per hour max speed. The turning radius on the Elite is 33 inches, where the Buzzaround XL is 37. So about a four-inch difference. The weight overall is 76 pounds on the Go-Go Elite, compared to 100. Heaviest piece on the Elite is 29.5 pounds which is actually the frame which I’ll show you when I break down. And on the Buzzaround it is 35 pounds so you get an idea, they’re within about six pounds.

You will notice as I sit on this chair, my feet on the Buzzaround XL, I do have a little bit more foot room on the Buzzaround XL compared to the Elite Traveler. Now, that can be good or bad. You know, it just depends on if you’re trying to get a little bit tighter scooter. Confined spaces, maybe the Elite Traveler’s your choice. If you need a little bit more foot room maybe the Buzzaround XL’s your choice. I think the overall length of both of them are 37 inches on this, on the Elite Traveler, and 42 on the Buzzaround XL.

Ground clearance is two inches on the Buzzaround… I’m sorry, on the Elite Traveler. And the Buzzaround XL is three inches. So, a one-inch difference. Wheels are very similar just as far as size goes. The next thing I want to show you is how they break down. The nice thing about both these scooters is they are very portable. You could break them down and put them in the back seat of a car, trunk of the car. And, again, the heaviest piece being 29.5 or 35 pounds. So it’s not a big deal to pick that up if you can handle that kind of weight. Easy for portability.

So, I’ll show you on the Buzzaround XL. I’ve already taken the battery off. You’ll see,just pops off. You have a handle right here. Pops off, just that handle there. You have this tiller that you can adjust if you want it closer or farther away, but what’s nice about it is I can close this down, tighten it up, take the battery off, and both the Elite and the Buzzaround have a little mechanism that locks this in. So this your heaviest piece at 35 pounds. Then you’ve got your motor and everything back here which you can pick up. Again, there is your pieces for the Buzzaround XL.

Same thing goes for your Elite Traveler. You have a handle here. You can lift this up. You can also, same kind of tiller system. Tighten this up, turn this device here, and then I pick it up. And the basket does come off as well. As you can see they easily break down. The next part of the video we’re going to show you is how it goes over terrain. Just to give you an idea so you can see them in action. That’s the biggest thing I’ve seen from people asking on our YouTube videos is, I want to see them on different terrain. And that’s what we’ll do next is we’ll show you that on carpet, hardwood, and even take it outside. Kind of show you how they drive around.