GPS Tags for Use on Animals

GPS technologies have really begun to be used by biologists in helping them to observe the movements and migrating patterns taken by animals. This has further been able to represent the analytical qualities these technologies can offer from the data they can transmit back to the end user. A new use, this has been able to offer a new insight which would have once seemed un-imaginable. Terrain and environments are no longer a restriction in researching animal behaviour, representing a further benefit of using GPS technologies.

For the end user, the animals location can be plotted against a map and in “real-time”. This is a reason why scientists are using these devices across several animals when conducting a study on animal behaviour. In particular, in recent times scientists have been using GPS devices on highly dangerous water mammals such as Sharks to determine their behaviour and movement patterns at different times and different depths within the water.

These devices can also be attached to domestic pets, pedigree livestock and working dogs. They can literally be used on animals in a similar way to how they are used on vehicles in fleet management. In detail, the technologies used in fleet management have been very similarly developed. What must be remembered is Wildlife GPS Tracking can expose the shortcomings on an animals size and weight. There are also other shortcomings, such as recharging the devices and when batteries may need to be charged. Getting good access can also pose an obvious challenge to the end user.

In terms of attachment, direct attachment is used on animals where a collar cannot be used, such as birds, reptiles and marine mammals. This has worked especially well on animals which are considered dangerous once in contact with humans. Though the process can be tough to install the device on the animal, the data this method can transmit can be invaluable as scientists look to further research and make discoveries on how animals behave through time.

From another point of view, these GPS tag devices are effective for keeping track of household pets such as Cats or Dogs. This is most ideal if you may be intrigued as to where your pets may be wondering. Likewise, this is also a great piece of technology of you may have experienced your pet going missing. You can use these tags to good effect to ensure you are always in the know of where your animals may roam.