Healthy Lungs for a Healthy Lifestyle

Lungs are an important part of our body. We breathe in and out a massive amount of air each day, and the lungs process it to supply oxygen to our blood. Poor breathing habits and lack of exercise may result in poor oxygen supply to the blood, which in turn means less energy to our body tissues.

The various lung exercises expel the air in the lungs, including the bad air that remains languishing due to poor breathing. Aerobic exercises, including just a morning jog – are a good way to keep fit. Breathing exercises done regularly exercise lungs which provide a steady stream of oxygen-rich blood to our brain and muscles.

One exercise the author does everyday, and has seen its immediate benefits, goes like this – stand in open surroundings, inhale normally, and then make ‘ha ha ha’ sounds without actually laughing. This will expel bad air from the lungs and bring in fresh air.

Being in good health is the first step in living a good life. Getting fresh air everyday, with proper breathing that goes deep down in the lungs is what the author has found rejuvenating and de-stressing. The lung exercises expel the bad air, and fill up the lungs with good, fresh air. The effects can be felt immediately – lightness, refreshed mood, and loads of energy.

The various drug-related habits are sometimes just a byproduct of other problems and issues that are left unsolved. These could be personal, family related, or social. A resolution of these issues may allow the user to eventually come out of such habits. Recreational use is of course a different issue.