Healthy Westie Diets

Westies or West Highland White Terriers are a breed of dog that originated from Scotland. Westies are characterized by their distinct white coat, pointed ears and dark, deep-set almond-shaped eyes. Typically small, male Westies weight between 15 and 20 pounds (6.8 and 9.1 kg); while females weigh between 13 and 16 pounds (5.9 and 7.3 kg). Their average height is 9 to 11 inches (23 to 28 cm) at the withers. Westies are also known for their strong-willed personality and boundless energy.

Westies are also prone to skin allergies and conditions. Fortunately, these skin problems can be treated (or avoided) by simply changing their diet to a healthier one. Include natural ingredients in their diet and avoid those that are commonly found in dry dog food including beef, corn, wheat, brewer’s yeast, soy, meat by-products, poultry by-products, meat meal, artificial colors or flavors, and preservatives.

Below are some healthy diet ideas for your Westie. Since all dogs are different, you might want to try several combinations of the following recipes:

Westie Diet Number 1

Morning Feeding:

1/3-1/2 cup dry kibble (choose one that has natural ingredients)

1 tbsp. Highlander Hash

1 Vitamin E gel cap, pricked

1 squirt salmon oil

1/8 tsp. Vitamin C (X-tra C)

PM feeding:

1/3-1/2 cup dry kibble

1 tbsp. Highlander Hash

Westie Diet Number 2

Morning and PM feeding:

1/3-1/2 cup dry kibble

1-2 tbsp. wet formula (should include salmon or potatoes)

Westie Diet Number 3

Create your own recipe for your Westie that includes chicken.

AM and PM feeding:

½ cup dry kibble

¼ cup cooked chicken breast (chopped)

¼ cup brown rice

1 tsp. chicken broth

Healthy Snacks For Your Westie

Some vegetables make great snacks for your pet Westie.

Some fruits and vegetables can serve as great snacks for your Westie. These include cooked squash, green beans and carrots. You may also include dried chicken strips and low-fat cottage cheese in your snack recipes.

It will always be great to give your Westies the best kind of diet that they need so that they will remain strong and healthy. Purchasing the right kind of products that will give the best kind of health of your pet dogs will determine the love that you give to them, hence Westies will be in their best health with the use of the right kind of product that they take in.