Herbal Treatment For Cancer – African Bush Willow

Cancer is for most people like a death sentence. Conventional medicine has not found or has not really tried to find any cheap and effective treatments for cancer. But that does not mean they don’t exist. The cancer patient has to do his or her own research to find out the most effective natural treatments for cancer. In the end of the day, cancer is just a symptom. Treating the symptom itself is really not the solution. The key is taking nutrients which treat the root cause of the cancer itself.

There are many different herbal treatments for cancer and other diseases as well. But in this article I will tell you more about the African bush willow. It has been found to kill cancerous cells by cutting off their blood supply or disrupting angiogenesis. A sophisticated radiation therapy has been used with Combretastin (CA4P), which is derived from African bush willow, has produced startling results. This therapy destroyed cancerous tumors in 85% of mice to whom it was administered.

After more than 9 month since the treatments was stopped there were still no signs of cancer in the animals. The researchers, from the Royal Free Hospital, University College Medical School, and the Gray Laboratory Cancer Research Trust are planning to start testing this therapy on humans.

Combretastatin (CA4P), the new drug, is derived from the bark of the African bush willow, and like I said before, it destroys the blood vessels that supply the tumor with essential nutrients. And not only does it destroy the blood vessels of the tumor, it has no effect on healthy tissue. The tumor is completely destroyed by attacking it with radiation, which is carried to the cells by antibodies. The radiationtherapy attacks the tumor from outside in and the Combretastatin drug attacks the tumor from inside out.

Dr Lesley Walker, the Cancer Research Campaign’s Director of Cancer Information, said in an interview to the BBC: “This good news confirms what we have been saying all along – that treatments that directly target cancers and spare normal tissue will be the cancer therapies of the future.” He also said that: “as well as proving to be an effective treatment, the combination therapy should also greatly reduce side-effects for the patient.”

There are much more effective, safe and natural treatments for cancer which can be used with conventional cancer treatments. If a person wants to increase his or her chances of beating cancer, then he/she has to do something about as well. Getting the Cancer-free e-book is a great start, it as for me!