How To Learn A New Language Using Technology

For the readers who are unaware, a polyglot is a person who knows and speaks several languages. A polyglot is also known as a multi-linguist and naturally, it would take a considerable amount of time to be one.

Fortunately, with the technology that we have now, learning the basic terms / words of a new language is relatively easy, as it can be used to boost a person’s immersion ability. Of course, to be an expert of the new language, one would still need time and dedication.

As mentioned, immersion is an important aspect of the lingual learning process and technology can enhance this procedure – all it takes is knowing the right tools. The essential ones would include a smart phone, an appropriate listening device, and determining what language to learn. Of the listed tools, the most important item is the second one so we will discuss it last.

Let’s begin with knowing what language to learn. It is advisable to learn one language at a time to avoid stress and confusion. Once a language is chosen, browse the web for some audio tutorials regarding the selected language. The internet contains a plethora of audio resources so it would be quite impossible not to find any. Be sure to find and download first the tutorials that contain the basics of the chosen dialect. Advanced sessions can be downloaded also – but make sure to start at the beginner’s level.

Once the audio tutorials are found and downloaded, it is now time to save them on your smart phone. It is recommended that the smart phone be capable of playing different types of audio files and not just in mp3 format. This will save the trouble of file converting in case there are hundreds of downloaded files.

However, there are some people who would prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home. This is all good, but doing it with a mobile phone can be better since it can be listened to virtually anywhere – while going to work, school, during breaks, while waiting for someone, etc…

For those who prefer to learn at home, don’t forget to invest in a high-quality external speaker. This is because even though most computers have internal speakers, they may not be enough to produce the right pronunciation or diction of a particular word. Aside from this, continually using the internal speakers at maximum volume may eventually lead to damage. This is the reason why a high-quality portable speaker is important. For those who are wondering about the price, don’t worry as there are several portable speakers that are relatively inexpensive but with good specifications.

Similarly, for the readers who would use their mobile phone, it is advisable to go for an appropriate headphone. There are certain headphones that are inexpensive, but can produce crystal clear audio and can also be used to make and accept calls. Needless to say, this is extremely beneficial for people who wouldn’t want to miss any important phone calls while listening to the audio tutorials.

Now that everything is all set, below are some tips on how to learn terms / words quickly and effectively:

  • Concentrate on commonly used terms
  • Try to learn about 10 to 20 words a day
  • Use those words in a sentence and make sure to use the word’s correct pronunciation
  • Have patience

You may also want to watch online shows or videos in your new language, though this may only be recommendable if sufficient words have already been learned. Good luck!