HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Review

Gone is the era when people were just new to the idea of mobile phones, today we can operate our phones as good as our computers with smart phones being innovated, you can do all your office chores through your phone. Take a look at the latest releases and you will well know what I am talking about, lets take a brief look at HTC touch Pro2 which have been recently released in markets. Just one glance at the phone and I felt like I am in love with the phone, for its features are so extravagant I am left with no option to buy it sooner. Touch Pro2 has everything you need including main and basic functions like GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, along with QWERTY keyboard which goes easy on typing and takes less time communicating through emails.

The HTC Smartphone comes with a Window Mobile 6.1 Professional version; you can talk up to 510 minutes. The smartphone is available in 2 types W-CDMA and GSM models, both the models are equally versatile. The new HTC touch phone has a solid design with quality construction; it comes with a 3.6 inch WVGA touch screen giving an output of 65,000 colors. The screen gives you bigger display with an amazing resolution of 480×800 pixels, the new feature of the phone is its Touchflo 3D interface, it helps to separate tabs for different functioning like stock quotes, calendar, daily notes, etc. you can customize it as per your conveniences. The grid view of the phone helps you to have easy look at all the applications of the phone, the phone also has some advanced features which makes your work easier, it has voice commands, quad band world roaming, proximity sensor, smart dialing, speed dialing, 3 way calling, multi media messaging, etc. this is an ideal phone for businessmen who are constantly on a go, it has same computer like features and you can carry it with great ease giving you comfort feel.

The HTC Touch Pro2 has an in-built 3.2 mega pixel camera giving you good picture quality and the Global positioning system application helps you to discover new areas wherever you are traveling, it comes installed with Google maps to locate central places, the QuickGPS feature helps to make your searches and downloading of the maps faster. The smart features of the phone includes other applications like a calculator, Zip Manager, notepad, voice recorder, jetcet presenter, mobile business card scanner, teeter game, Adobe Reader LE, and lots more.