Is There a Link Between Psychic Ability and Diet?

Psychic reading is based on paranormal consultation and the person is paid a fee for this. This kind of setting is done over phones, homes or at psychic fairs. Many consider this reading as skeptical and controversial. A cold reading technique helps the psychics to make an assumption about the person through social cues and broad statements.

Psychic readings are of many types:

· Astrology

· Aura reading

· Card reading

· Cleromancy

· Distant reading

· Crystallomancy

· Numerology

· Palm reading

· Psychometry

· Rune reading

· Tarot reading

Food and psychic abilities

The best and foremost way improve psychic reading is that one should avoid eating red meat. Proper vegetarian diet will help to open the senses of your mind and make the reading more accurate. Meat dulls the brain and lowers the thinking capacity of brain. The digestion of the meat takes of the vital energy from the body and decreases your psychic sensitivity. Eating meat brings down all the blood down to the digestive system. The blood is taken away from the chakras and the organs that support our intuition. It is better to opt for a diet that contains fish, egg and dairy products. If the intake of junk food is more, then your body will be behave like a radio with all poor signals. It is important to keep out negative signals from the body. Healthy diet with green will help to retain the positivity in the body.

But one has to maintain an optimum amount of intake of raw vegetables. The intake will definitely make you with one with the free spirits. But too much of this will make you disoriented. Vegetarian diet taken with proper amount of fish will help to make a proper diet for psychic reading.

Dietary restrictions needed

There is a myth that vegetarian diets should be strictly followed for proper psychic readings. It should be a proper healthy diet. One should avoid meat and should also avoid junk food. The main mantra is the vegan balanced diet you follow should be stuck for much longer. The diet should contain a balanced form of food which can have lean meat also. It is important to eat proper and intake of certain amount of calories is permissible. It is important to understand to remain healthy and listen to the body.

Herbs and psychic reading

There are many herbs that help in these type of readings and help in getting prophetic dreams. To increase the psychic abilities in oneself one can follow the use of the following herbs like

· Ambergris- Increase the psychic reading. Also elevates the prophetic quotient in oneself.

· Anise- It increases clairvoyance.

· Bay leaf- It increases psychic powers.

· Lemongrass- this herb increases the clarity of thought and also increases the awareness of the insight spirits.

If one can place equal parts of bay leaf, lemongrass and cinnamon in a bowl and should be left in the room. If the smell is inhaled then after that meditation can be done properly. It helps to get intuitive and prophetic dreams.