Kill Bordom With Free Online Games

Find the best free online games here. Try out a couple of these online games for free online.

Play for free online Run Jim Run. Run Jim Run is game about; yes you guessed it right, Jim. Jim is trying to run away from the local mafia. Why is Jim running from the mafiaso; remains an unanswered question. Run Jim Run’s storyline, is simple, yet incomplete. Run Jim Run is smooth and straightforward; you have to jump, scale ropes, wires, run away from the mafia’s henchmen, even shoot a couple of times. Run Jim Run graphics, although very uncomplicated, the game does not bore you and has a lot to offer, in terms of game play. You will be hooked to this game in no time. Fans of Dangerous Dave will definitely find a connection, between the two. The controls are quite uncomplicated and easy to learn. In Run Jim Run you end up doing a lot of moving around, which usually involves acrobatics, to par a level. Run Jim Run overall is an enjoyable experience, do check this game out; it is worth a play or two.

Check out Street Life. Street life sports some amazing art work for an adventure game that is small. As the name suggests, you live off the streets, venturing in to dark alleys and clubs, killing sleeping thugs and robbing their money even. Street life, does tender entertainment value, will definitely keep you stuck, to your mouse, for a long time. Street life has some nice sound FX. There is a lot to do and the game does stick to its name and genre. The story line is believable. The game play is smooth, with sensible options or choices, put forth for you to choose from. Over all, Street life offers, a wild night out deal kind of experience and has value for time, written all over it. Advisory: Street life does have some explicit content.