Learn How To Fix Half Life 2 Crash

Half life 2 is first person shooter video game which was developed by Valve Software. Initially it was released for PlayStation. Nowadays many users are playing it on computer and reporting that they are facing Half life 2 crash. Most of the games related issues when using Windows operating system are because of internal Windows settings.

There may be several reasons why this game crashes; however, more important is that you should try to identify the problem before fixing it.

If the problem is related to Half-Life 2 auto-save crash then you can fix it by:

a) Right click on Half Life 2 icon sitting on the desktop.

b) Then in the drop-down click on properties.

c) Now click on the shortcut tab. You may be able to see some information same like “c:program filessteamsteam.exe” -applaunch22.

d) Now copy this “+mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1”

and paste after previous step.

e) “c:program filessteamsteam.exe” -applaunch22 “+mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1”. This is how it will appear when you finish by copy paste thing.

f) Done

With this technique you can fix load time crash as well.

There is another solution you may use to fix Half-Life 2 Crash. In some cases hl.exe is blocked by data execution prevention (DEP). Use steps given below to solve the problem.

a) Click on the START button at the task bar.

b) Move to SETTINGS.

c) Now click on Control Panel.

d) Now click on System and Maintenance.

e) Click on SYSTEM.


g) In the PERFORMANCE, click on SETTINGS.

h) Now go to DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

i) Here check “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” (Adding hl.exe to exception list work for some users.

j) Finished and you have to restart your computer.

Most of the games related crashes are because of internal Windows settings. So, using best registry cleaner and PC optimizer is recommended.