Mothers Are Increasingly Using Smartphones

Smartphones can be very useful for mothers. That is why many are beginning to adopt these new devices. According to a study of mothers who have a smartphone made by Mom Central Consulting, 51% of them have downloaded more than 16 applications for their smartphones since March 2011. The main categories of applications are social networking, gaming, entertainment and weather. Other popular categories include music, news, lifestyle and health and fitness.

A new study of women in NBCU complements some of the conclusions of Mom Central Consulting. The study done last April, which looked at how women are taking digital tools, indicated that women not only say they feel more comfortable with technology than they were a year ago, but are also more active than men in games and social networking on mobile. Decomposing the female demographic “mother” vs. “non-mothers,” the study showed that mothers were more related to applications for smartphones that non-mothers.

One in three mothers use your smartphone for health purposes, compared with 22% of the general population, according to a study by BabyCenter. In fact, this study not only shows that mothers use smartphones to manage and track information about health and well-being, but also would like to use smartphones for personal health data, such as weight, exercise and intake calories. These findings indicate that the opportunity for vendors in this sector to reach mothers through smartphones has arrived.

With more than 70% of mothers using smartphones, more and more opportunities exist fro brands to stay on the moms’ radar screens – offering coupons, special offers and simply keeping connected.

Mothers have been for decades the key household consumer – they are the decision makers and the purchasing power in the home. Just think about the opportunities available through smartphones to reach them and market your products and services.

When mothers can reach your business easily on their smartphones they will engage with you and their loyalty to your brand and your company will translate into a long-term commitment and increased spending.

Mothers are embracing emergent platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile friendly sites at an overwhelming rate. Today businesses have to rethink their interaction with mothers. Your brand has to be clear and easily found so that moms can turn into consumers and brand advocates. Word of Mouth can be a huge turning point for your brand.

Moms use online media for so much more than just keeping in touch – they pay close attention to how brands interact with them online.