My Big Horn Saddle Review

Quality and Technology

To kick off this Big Horn Saddle review, let’s look at what makes Big Horn a high-quality brand and the technology they use. Their prime philosophy is to create well-fitting saddles at an affordable price. To do this, their saddles are all hand-made.

By combining classic saddle-making techniques with modern technology, they’ve been able to take the lead in adding new technology to their saddles, such as Flex-trees and their Sil-Cush line.

In this Big Horn saddle review, I’ll show you specifically how this top-of-the-line horse saddle company incorporates new technology into their saddles to benefit horse and rider comfort.

Time-Tested Materials Used on Trees

This company uses rawhide and bull hide on many of their more expensive saddles, which is important to know because the most durable trees are covered in rawhide or bull hide. However, fiberglass is extremely strong and durable.

Flex-Trees Used For Flexibility

Big Horn also uses Flex-Trees. Made from fiberglass, the flex-trees are built to move with the horse and rider through turns and quick movements while still giving the stability a treeless saddle doesn’t have.

Three-Way Rigging

While not all their models have this, the three-way rigging provides three different ways of girthing up. The position of the rigging largely depends upon the purpose of the saddle. 3-way rigging allows you the option of choosing a full double rig, 7/8 double rig, or 3/4 double rig.

Depending upon your horse’s back or the ground you’ll be riding on, you can girth the saddle a little more forward, back, or center as needed. This increases the surface area of the saddle and makes it easier to tighten up.

Most of this brand’s saddles have stainless-steel, brass or bronze D rings and circular rings that won’t rust.

Sil-Cush Line

The Sil-Cush Line is a Big Horn exclusive feature. No other company has this technology. The Sil-Cush line has a silicon cushion along the skirt of the saddle, providing more cushion from pressure points than other saddles will.

It’s breathable and molds to the horse’s back and shoulders.

Variety of Models

Big Horn provides saddles for any discipline. The list is actually too long to go in to full detail, but here are a few of the disciplines:

  • Barrel Racing
  • Roping
  • Trail
  • Endurance
  • Reiner

​High-Quality Synthetic

Synthetics are a big trend as they’re much lighter than traditional ones. While many brands offer synthetic models, Big Horn Saddles makes theirs with the same high-quality in mind as their traditional saddles.

Saddles For Hard-to-Fit Horses

Big Horn carries saddles made specifically for Halflingers and gaited horses which are notoriously hard to fit because of the size of their backs. Many saddle options for these hard-to-fit horses are also in their Sil-Cush Line. If you’re looking for a saddle for a horse that has a weird back, you can find what you’re looking for in the Sil-Cush Line.

As this Big Horn Saddle Review shows, if you are looking for high-quality, affordable saddles, then Big Horn may just be your fit. They’re a reputable company that uses their fifty years of knowledge and experience to make sure the saddle you’re looking at is going to fit the needs of both horse and rider.