New technology DSL: Uni-DSL

The company Texas Instruments is developing a new Uni-DSL technology or UDSL. Announced on Monday, Uni-DSL development is being driven by the need to deliver competitive triple-play services, including multiple channels of on-demand video content. Residential and small business users will enjoy a host of new services such as video broadcast: live or on-demand, streaming IP video, HDTV quality video, video conferencing and ultra-fast Internet access and more.

Retro compatible with the other formats like the ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) or the VDSL (Very High-Speed DSL), the Uni-DSL or UDSL should make it possible to obtain the busy ones of about 200 Mbps. For example the VDSL makes it possible to obtain under the best conditions of the flows of about 53 Mbps, but unfortunately on a maximum radius of 800 m. For the ADSL, it is between 6 and 8 Mbps which are available, on 5-6 km large maximum.

But although innovating in terms of flow, this technology suffers however from the same evils as the preceding ones, namely the distances. No the miracle thus, to obtain flows of 200 Mbps amounts being at less 800m point of emission of the signal, just like the characteristic of lines VDSL. The compatible flows on line ADSL were not announced, but they should not be much more important than the latter.

With final, still a technology which will arrange only very little the provincial ones, one starts to have the practice of it. According to the first tests, the communication systems video go rather well, but generate rather high costs since the prices should be seen multiplying by 4 for a traditional communication.