Nokia 6125 Clamshell Review

More technically speaking the Nokia 6125 is a Series 40 3rd Edition phone. So it is not a smartphone, but it smart mid-range phone! The biggest difference between a Series 40 phone and a S60 phone (a smartphone) is that you can install applications to a smartphone.

Nokia 6125 Camera

The 1.3 megapixel camera has a better resolution than the one year old Nokia 6630 smartphone. The resolution for the Nokia 6125 is 1280 x 1024 pixels and this is very good for a mid-range phone.

The Screen

The 6125 main display is OK – it is an active TFT display that supports up to 260 000 colours. The phone has 2 displays and the external screen is a CSTN display that supports up to 65 000 colours.

The display has the Active Standby feature prevuously available on smartphones only. Active Stanby allows access to favorite applications or calendar entries directly from the idle screen.

More 6125 Features

Messaging cababilities include MMS, IM (instant messaging), push to talk, Nokia Xpress audio messaging and e-mail. A new interesting feature is the support for Flash and the Macromedia Flash Player.

Is This a Music Phone?

The phone has a MP3 player that plays popular music formats (MP3, MP4, eAAC+ and WMA). Music files can be stored on a hotswappable microSD memory card.

The 6125 has Bluetooth and you can use wireless stereo headsets on the phone

We Say

The 6125 may not have the latest look like the Razr, but offers many advanced features for a mid-range Nokia. The flight mode issomething most mid-range phones are missing, but this is available on the 6125.

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