Red Tea Detox Review-The Best Recipes For Weight Loss 2018

Red tea Detox is one of the oldest and ancient herbal teas in the world. In ancient times the Chinese elite were the only ones who could take it. Today, we have it at hand in any herbalist, and one of the best-known uses is to lose weight by implementing it in our diet Detox Review. But is it really effective? How should this diet be done? What are its drawbacks? We will see everything in this article.

Product Name: The Red Tea Detox

Author Name: Liz Swann Miller

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How the Detox diet works

It is essential that you take four infusions a day from Pu Erh, as it is short-lived and the effect must be intense. You can drink them at breakfast, half an hour after lunch and dinner, and a snack. Detox Diet complement for those people who ingest too many carbohydrates a day, such as those that come from rice or bread.

The Detox Diet is at least a week. Some people claim that they have lost up to 3 kilos in this period of time.

Who can carry it out?

If you carry out a healthy life and do not suffer from any type of disease.

If you are not in the age range that we mentioned in the next point.

If you supplement this diet with constant physical exercise.

Who should not carry it out?

Any child or elder. Your body is not prepared to withstand the intensity of 4 daily infusions of, as it is too rich in tannins and alkaloids.

Women during lactation or pregnant, since excess caffeine could be passed on to the baby.

If you suffer from nervousness, hypertension or arrhythmias.

If you have an ulcer

Before starting this diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor or a specialist.


What foods should I take during the Detox Diet?

You have to follow a balanced and healthy diet, but not only during this week but also ahead. You have to combine all the healthy foods a little apart from taking Detox after eating.

Eat vegetables and fruits, five pieces a day. Also pasta and rice, white meat, blue and white fish, legumes, whole grain bread, skimmed milk, etc.

What you have to avoid is chocolate, red meat and its fat, and sweets in general. This does not mean that from time to time you can not give yourself a whim, but it has to be very moderate if your goal is to lose weight.

Procedure during the week

It is very simple, you just have to follow the following guidelines:

At breakfast, drink a cup of Detox after toasting with oil and a glass of skimmed milk.

In the food, take the salad, vegetables, pasta, and fruit. You can eat breast. To prevent the tea from affecting the absorption of iron, prepare the infusion to drink half an hour after eating.

The snack may consist of only one cup of. You can add some spice to increase the effect of weight loss. We recommend that you see our article: with ginger and cinnamon to lose weight.

Finally, you can have white meat or fish with a fresh salad or soup. Always remember to eat a fruit and a little vegetable. Here we leave you some tips to prepare for Pu Erh Detox.

As additional advice, say that it is recommended that the vegetable you eat it raw or cooked, but not fried. This would be the Detox Diet.

What are the results of the diet?

On the one hand, Detox promotes digestion, since it cleanses the gastrointestinal system and detoxifies it. Additionally, it helps to lose that. The metabolism of the liver works faster because it has a thermogenic power, which burns excess fats in the body detox tea. More Diet Planer.

However, people tend to think that with this Detox diet you will be able to see miracles in your body. No. Despite what some people say, you should know that you can do it as a prelude to a healthy and constant diet. When the week has passed, you may see good results, but you must maintain good habits (without the four infusions of Pu Erh) because otherwise, you will recover the weight you lost. That’s why it’s good to be guided by a specialist in nutrition or medicine.