Refrigerators and How They Have Changed Over Time

The idea of keeping foods cold is not a new concept, and today over 99.5% percent of homes have a refrigerator. Even though refrigerators are a common appliance in most homes, it is still a relatively new invention.

In early days there were many ways in which people kept their food cool. They had to be creative and make use of their natural surroundings. People utilized many methods such as placing their food in streams, hiding it in caves and creating underground cellars for “refrigeration.”

Many people also cut ice in the winter months and stored it in ice houses and cellars. It was able to stay cool for a long period of time by the use of salt to cover the top of it. The first appliance that had any resemblance to the refrigerator was called an icebox. They were simply designed wooden boxes that were lined with some kind of metal. Ice boxes were developed before the 19th century.

People would then purchase ice and store it inside the ice box. Since the ice would slowly melt, many of these ice boxes had a drip pan inside. These drip pans were easily removed and then dumped. Before the actual development of refrigerators, many studies were performed on the concept of refrigeration. The pioneer of the technology of refrigeration, Dr. William Cullen, did early studies in the 18th century and he observed how liquids evaporated in vacuum type settings.

The development of the very first refrigerator was in 1876 by a German engineer named Carl von Linde. He was the one who perfected the concept of converting large amounts of liquid into a gas so as to keep the defined environment cold. By the year of 1920, many companies were manufacturing different models of refrigerators. Many companies also worked on the idea of combining the refrigerator and freezer compartments of refrigerators.

Over time refrigerators developed into what we know them as today. You can purchase many styles of refrigerators such a small designs for dormitory use, side by side models and those that are economically advantageous with the freezer on the bottom. Whatever type of refrigerator you are in the market for, there is a model to suit your needs and budget. They also come in a wide range of prices, and it all depends on the amount of money you want to spend on one. From the earliest model such as the icebox, to the ultra-modern side by side, refrigerators are a convenient appliance that no home can do without.