Royal Jelly Cancer Cure: Does It Really Exist?

Royal jelly is among the natural substances used as holistic cures. It cannot be duplicated in a laboratory because of its intricate components. Humans harvest it directly from the hives in small amounts. As a result, finding fresh royal jelly paste to treat diseases like cancer is hard. Much of it is enclosed in capsules and tablets in form of powder. Debates and researches have been ongoing regarding the effect of royal jelly on cancer tumors. Does this bee product have fight suppression qualities?

Although there are no convincing experiments done so far on cancer patients, doctors have tried them on mice. Doctors usually transplant cancer cells in a rat body so that it can start to develop tumors. Then they treat it with jelly alone or in combination with other substances. Many studies have been done in this manner in countries like China where royal jelly is combined with an herb called ginseng.

Some studies show that royal jelly has been used effectively to treat leukemia. Other clinical tests have clearly demonstrated how the use of royal jelly and cisplatin( a strong chemotherapy drug) reduce the likelihood of cisplatin destroying the liver and kidneys. The role of bee’s milk in this case is to reduce lipid peroxidation. It also raises the strength of antioxidants like glutathione and superoxide dismutase in the body.

Are you a cancer patient and are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy? If so, you are already aware of the side effects of these two therapies. Like most sufferers, you feel very tired and nauseated after treatments. In addition, you probably have skin burns, mouth ulceration and hair loss now. Above all, perhaps you are feeling too worried because of the unknown consequences of having cancer. You are not alone in all this.

There are countless men, women and children who feel totally worn-out after cancer treatments. According to Professor Fang Zhu, of the Lianyugang Apitherapy Hospital, in China, jelly alleviates effects of radio and chemo therapies. Fang Zhu believes that this bee product boosts the immunity of a cancer patient. Among the components of bee’s milk that make it important to cancer patients is hydroxyl-decanoic acid. This is a fatty acid that is only found in this bee substance.

It has been used successfully to inhibit malignant leukemia cells in mice. When royal jelly and Ginseng are used together to fight cancer, patients show an incredible improvement because of the zinc mineral found in Ginseng. Other anti-cancer agents in this bee’s milk include vitamins E and C. They have antioxidants that are known to be very essential to the human immune system.

Saying that royal jelly contains cancer fighting elements is one thing while ascertaining the quantity of elements needed to cure cancer is another. One way to find out how cancer patients feel about this bee substance is to browse the internet. There are patients who have reviewed the supplements they have used to alleviate their cancer discomfort. Reading their reviews and testimonials might give you the confidence you need to try royal jelly cancer supplements.