The Best in Diabetes Supplies and a Healthy Diet for a Long, Healthy and Vibrant Life

As more research becomes available, it is clear the role a healthy diet plays in diabetes care is increasingly important to patients. Combined with high quality diabetes supplies and tools, a healthy diet can have a strong, beneficial impact on a patient’s quality of life and ability to manage their diabetes.

A recent study out of England found that within a single year, dietary changes alone gave patients an average 10% improvement in their ability to control their blood sugar levels. Using the best that the current market has in diabetic supplies, which provide accurate measurements and consistency in testing, these patients were able to raise their standard-of-living considerably.

Patients in the study were also able to lose an average of 4% of their body weight, while those who didn’t improve their diet showed no similar weight loss or benefits which then follow. Another British study found patients who followed a supervised diet for a year could almost reverse their blood sugar levels to normal.

With patients now having the option to purchase their diabetes supplies online, they can easily ensure they always have the proper tools and testing equipment available to monitor their diabetes while following a personalized health plan. Among the companies that provide mail order diabetic supplies and diabetes supplies online, are those approved Medicare contract suppliers who offer free education and free recipes, especially prepared for people with diabetes by professionals, to patients to encourage and enable them to develop a routine of healthy eating.

Healthy eating can have a powerful effect on the lifestyle of people with diabetes. A recent study by a team from Newcastle University found a drastic low-calorie diet could reduce fat levels in the pancreas of patients dramatically enough to bring blood sugar levels back to normal again. While this drastic diet, which requires patients limiting themselves to 600-calories a day, may be a little extreme for some, combining genuine healthy eating with the right diabetes supplies can often lead to a remarkably improved healthy lifestyle.

With an estimated 52% of the adult population in the United States expected to have Diabetes by 2020, increasing the health care system costs to $500 billion dollars per year, the role of education and the promotion of healthy eating habits to patients is ever more important.

Sugar-and-grease-laden fast food has become readily available around the world. More people than ever are at risk of suffering from this metabolism disorder if they cannot avoid temptation and stick to the healthy eating habits indicated by many recent studies. Modern trials show certain low-sugar foods like beans, high-fiber cereals, fish and cinnamon can all have a positive impact on blood sugar levels.

Today’s online and easy access to the right information on healthy eating, exercise designed specifically for the patient by professionals and high quality diabetic testing supplies allows patients to find the best approved Medicare contract supplier for them.. It is clear that diabetes should not prevent anyone from living a healthy lifestyle. The combination of advances in diabetes supplies and medical knowledge and a growing understanding of the important role of a healthy diet in diabetes care means the average diabetes patient has all the tools to stay healthy and out of the Emergency Room.