The Fastest Way to Get Your Product on QVC is to Use an Agent

A QVC Agent is an independent person or group that can help you get your product or new invention in front of a QVC buyer very quickly. They are not employed by QVC but rather, they function similarly to a traditional Manufacturer’s Representative in that they bring products to buyers for their consideration.

What to Look for in a QVC Agent

Nick Romer, bestselling author of “Make Millions Selling on QVC,” says, “A good QVC Agent usually meets the following guidelines:

1. They work on commission and only make money when your product gets on-air and sells.

2. Their main office should be near QVC which is outside of Philadelphia.

3. They should charge no more than 10% commission.

4. They should be able to find a demonstrator for you if you need one to present your product on-air.

5. They should have a long standing relationship with QVC.

And they should have a primary focus on bringing products to QVC.”

Why Use a QVC Agent?

The old adage of, “It’s who you know,” has never held a greater truth than when it comes to marketing your product. If you have someone that is a phone call away from getting your product in front of a buyer, it’s a much faster path to a Purchase Order than if you were to try to attract a buyer by exhibiting at a trade show, for one example.

QVC Agents have relationships with buyers and they understand what makes for a successful product. And for this reason, buyers often rely on agents to screen products for them.

Buyer turnover is also a frequent occurrence at QVC and being able to contact a new buyer quickly is important to your success. QVC Buyers may come and go but a good agent is like a solid foundation – always there.

Then there is the issue of insider knowledge. “The pricing structure at QVC is not Keystone but it is close.” Romer says. “If your agent is astute, you can bet they’ll know where to price your product in order to reach a certain retail on-air selling price. This means that the extra $1 or $2 they can glean will essentially pay their commission.”

Another way good QVC Agents pay for themselves is by knowing what shows QVC is planning. If a buyer has hundreds of products and yours is not top of mind, you might get overlooked. It is your Agent’s responsibility to remind the buyer about your product and how perfectly it will fit the upcoming lineup.

How to Find a QVC Agent

Attend an invention marketing event or contact a manufacturer’s representative in your industry. You can also exhibit at an invention convention where buyers, agents and manufacturer’s representatives often visit. Lastly, many agents visit big industry trade shows so consider taking a booth at one that fits your category.