The Perfect Smartphone for You

With the OnePlus 3, the Chinese start-up made a phone that was nearly perfect. Just when we couldn’t expect anything better, OnePlus 5 took things up another level with a seriously packed spec sheet and of course a higher price. The headline feature is an amazing dual-camera setup on the back, but in OnePlus fashion we have an option of a serious amount of power and RAM. For its price, the OnePlus 5 is a fantastic deal but the higher price necessitates a more critical look at some of its shortcomings. There are a few missing features and some odd omissions, but this is still one of the best tech bargains.

The OnePlus 5 can be counted amongst the best looking phones even though it may not be so original. The brand has managed to make the phone so comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. Its curved back fits perfectly in the palm, while the 3D Gorilla Glass 5 on the front also curves slightly. This multitude of curves make it a super-slim device. The price for OnePlus 5 maybe slightly high, it still feels better built than anything else in that price range.

Designer Cases for OnePlus 5

One would agree when I say that a costly smartphone deserves the best protection. It’s wise to buy a strongly built cover or a leather wallet for your phone to protect it from scratches and bumps. There are various options available online that help you do this. One of them being the designer cases for OnePlus 5. No matter what your taste is, there will always be a case of your choice. You can carry it around from your workplace to any informal gathering you like. Cases protect the phone completely while you are using it as well as when you are not. It’s not just the screen of the phone that is important to protect but also the back of the device. The Camera needs to be protected to avoid bad quality images. In this case, cases can keep the back of your device intact.

OnePlus 5 Leather Wallets

Another choice can be to use a OnePlus 5 designer Leather Wallet. This is a viable option for those who do not like changing the look or adding any sort of bulk to the device. The leather covers for OnePlus 5 are made of real leather with exterior pockets to hold cash and cards.