The Simoncini Effect and Cancer – Baking Soda – Unlikely Cancer Cure

Despite the fact that allopathic medicine is poisoning and killing millions of people around the world every year, the wisdom and power of the alternative medical community is being deliberately hidden by the mainstream medical authorities and the massive pharmaceutical companies that stand behind them. Simple and powerful substances that can and do cure cancer and many other diseases are carefully kept out of the public eye. Physicians who dare use these substances risk ridicule, banishment, and sometimes even criminal charges.


One simple and unlikely substance that seems to have proven itself to be a potent weapon against cancer and many other diseases, is sodium bicarbonate – Baking soda. The only problem with it is, it’s cheap! No profit in it for any pharmaceutical company. So its use against cancer is normally limited to its inclusion with the drugs administered in conventional chemotherapy. Without it, the patient would die. No one ever asked if removing the chemo chemicals and just using the Baking Soda would cure the cancer.


Until one doctor did! Dr Tullio Simoncini asked that question. And attempted to prove that the logic was correct. Dr Simoncini, a board certified oncologist placed his career on the line by abandoning all conventional cancer therapies and electing instead, to administer sodium bicarbonate. The successes he reported were nothing short of phenomenal!

Doctor Simoncini claimed a cure rate of 90% of breast and bladder cancers in an unbelievable 6 days of treatment! Dr Simoncini has claimed similar successes against stomach (the procedure here is so simple you could conceivably do it yourself), orolarynx (again a very simple treatment), liver, intestine, spleen, pancreas, brain, lung, bladder, prostate, skin, psoriasis, and other cancers. The International Medical Veritas Association has fully endorsed his treatment protocols.


The conventional cancer clique, sensing the threat to their enormous profit center, were swift to react. They attacked with virulent ferocity. Seizing on the death of a patient in his care, without regard for the actual cause of death, they unrelentingly pursued him until they managed to get him barred from the practice of medicine.


Alternative physicians engaged in treating cancer are very cautious in their evaluations of Dr Simoncini’s theories. Dr Simoncini contends that cancer is a fungus, and therefore the acidic fungi comprising the tumor can be destroyed in the presence of a strong alkaline substance. Most alternative physicians regard the tumor as merely a byproduct of cancer and tend to ignore it, preferring to focus on getting at the cancer cells themselves.


So what are our choices? Current conventional cancer treatments are flawed, futile, and expensive. It makes no sense to use a known carcinogen (chemo chemicals) to cure cancer. Radiation causes cancer and surgery releases cancer cells into the bloodstream. But these treatments are all highly profitable; much more than the twelve cents worth of baking soda it takes to destroy a tumor. And at worst, it could be no better than the conventional methods now in use. The jury is out on this.


The mainstream medical community continues to deny the validity of Dr Simoncini’s protocol on the flimsy grounds that he has never conducted any ‘studies” of his theories. At the same time, half hearted “studies” have been conducted on mice with an eye to disproving Dr Simoncini. It’s easy to skew a study in any direction you want it to go. The pharmaceutical industry does it all the time. But no studies have ever been conducted on humans even though it would be incredibly simple and safe to do so. Why not? What are they afraid of?