The Solution Is To Download Free Psp Demo Games!

The hand held gaming phenomenon that is the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) continues to be popular. With that comes the rage for more games even if only the price weren’t that steep. Imagine buying a PSP game and finishing it in one week. You’d want more, but your pockets would hurt. Plus if the game you bought is bad, you’d feel the money drain all the more.

You’ve got it. The answer is going online to download free PSP demo games. Not only do you not spend around forty dollars per PSP game title, you can even get the feel of the game before downloading the complete or full version. This way, you can download several PSP iso games in your PC, and keep extracting them to your PSP. Keep playing the downloaded free PSP demo games until you find one you like, and then go back to download the full version.

But how do you find the reliable websites? How do you download and install free PSP demo games? This article shows you how.

First, you will need to Google up where you can download free PSP demo games. The links that will come out in the results will not tell you which one will give you the most satisfying download experience. What you need to look for are paid-for sites that offer a one-time joining fee, after that you can access their database and download free PSP demo games. What the heck, you can even download the full games, and the process of downloading is the same. Just choose the iso you want to download and download it to your PC.

The downloaded games will usually come in the compressed .zip file archive. Unpack in your PC and then copy to your USB memory card, or extract right away into your PSP memory card’s saves data directory. This will work seamlessly if you also have the compatible firmware for the games you downloaded, so check your firmware as well. The leading cause of file corruption and games that won’t work is simply a firmware incompatible with the downloaded game. So don’t take this lightly.

There it is. Plain and simple. For the cash strapped avid PSP gamer, there is always the option to download free PSP demo games. Have fund and share this knowledge.