Tips to Build Muscles and Good Health

Trying to build muscles by over eating without a proper diet plan and appropriate exercises is not the answer as it could lead to unintended consequences like creating tummy fat and health problems like cholesterol buildup, diabetes and other related diseases. This is especially so with people who live a fast-paced life style and have to eat on the go with limited time to manage a regular exercises routine.

Taking a holistic approach ensures more sustainable muscle gain, a healthy body weight as well as good health. The crucial parts of a weight gain program which cannot be overlooked include:

i.) A protein rich diet that provides all the necessary amino acids needed for muscle gain. Lean red meat is beneficial for rapid muscle gain but since cholesterol is an issue with most of us, it is good that the diet also include white meat like chicken, turkey and fish. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and pecans are also beneficial as they contribute proteins as well healthy fatty acids like omega-3 that is a necessary part of a build muscle diet. Whey protein comes at the top of the list of supplements to consider in this regard.

ii.) A high calorie diet that involve the intake of low glycemic carbohydrates like brown rice, sweet potatoes and whole meal bread will be helpful in achieving weight gain. This will ensure that the body does not resort to using energy from muscle tissues thereby negating our efforts for muscle gain, especially during exercises.

iii.) Creatine is a supplement that help in rapid lean muscle growth. This supplement often comes together with some essential amino acids and the sustamine. Creatine improves maximal strength, muscle endurance and anaerobic power needed for high endurance exercises while sustamine prevents dehydration of cells and ensures muscle replenishment and muscle recovery during and after exercise. Incidentally, skeletal muscles holds 95% of all creatine in the body while the heart, brain and testis holds the remaining 5%.

iv.) A high intensity physical workout is the third component of the muscle gain program. It is well established that weight gain occur when the intake of nutritional food is accompanied by appropriate physical exercises that would stimulate protein synthesis. Experts in the field generally agree that the exercise program should be done at least 3 times a week and each session should be carried out till the point when the muscles are completely fatigued.

v) Sufficient sleep of at least 8 hours a day is an important component of the rapid weight gain program as sleep allows the body to more effectively release the human growth hormone (HGH) necessary for weight gain. If possible, a short nap in the afternoon could be included in the daily routine. The release of HGH in the body that enables muscle growth can be viewed as the repair and restorative function of sleep.

It is true that due to genetic factors, there is a tendency for certain people to be fat while others to be thin. This will be so if they go about their lives without a structured approach to achieving the ideal body weight through the intake of proper food and supplements, sufficient sleep and an appropriate exercises routine. In my view, with the right nutritional plan with the necessary supplements, a proper exercise routine and sufficient sleep, anyone who is skinny can gain weight, be more muscular and look good.