Walther P99 Replica Pistol Paintball Gun Review

When shopping for the best paintball pistol, the first thing to consider is that there are two sizes of these guns to choose from,.68 and.43 caliber..68 caliber pistols use the standard size ammunition found at most commercial fields while.43 caliber guns depend on a much smaller ball that’s a bit harder to find. While.68 caliber paintball pistols are larger and more cumbersome to carry, they are more powerful and shoot much farther than their smaller counterpart. This is an important factor when deciding how you’re going to use your pistol paintball gun in the game. If you’re going to use it as your primary weapon, you will need a.68 caliber marker. If you’re going to use it as a secondary weapon for back up only, a.43 caliber pistol is a great choice.

The P99 paintball pistol marker is an amazing replica of the Walther pistol firearms. As far as realistic paintball guns go, the P99 is as authentic as it gets. The most realistic P99 paintball handgun comes in black, however other colors are available in olive, silver and blue. Different colored P99 pistols only have the top slide as the colored part, while the rest of the gun is black. While the colored pistols are cool looking, the black is by far the most realistic. Besides a nearly identical appearance to the real thing, the Walther P99 paintball gun is also almost exact in weight, feel and action. This pistol marker is mostly made of metal (but has a rubberized grip) so it has a compact, solid feel in your hands and mimics the weight of a real handgun terrifically. Size wise, the P99 pistol is the perfect paintball handgun and is very easy to carry in a belt holster, thigh rig or on the front of a tactical vest. When strapped to the body, the P99 is compact enough so it won’t interfere with your movement or throw off your balance like most of the larger.68 caliber pistols do.

Besides a killer look and feel, the Walther P99 pistol doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance either. While it may not be the most powerful weapon, the P99 is plenty fast and fun to fire when used in the right capacity. This paintball gun pistol has an effective range of 50 feet or less, perfect for close quarter fighting and room clearing. The smaller.43 caliber rounds it shoots hardly sting like the larger.68 caliber bullets do, so you can play without the usual fear standard size paintball guns tend to elicit. The P99 semi auto paintball handgun has a top slide mechanism that works just like the real thing; you can slide it open to put one ball in the chamber and it jumps back a small amount with every trigger pull. As the top slide kicks back slightly, it also contributes to the gun’s kick, which the P99 does with every shot, but not so much that it throws off the gun’s accuracy; only enough to add to its realism. Another authentic feature is the pistol’s drop out magazines. These slide out/drop from the handle of the gun with the push of a button above the grip, just like the real thing.

Considering the Walther P99 replica paintball pistol is.43 caliber, it doesn’t have a lot of power to shoot far distances. Its compact size makes it perfect for fighting at the front lines, close to the enemy, inside buildings or mock town settings. This gun is intimidating looking but really meant to be used as a secondary weapon. Players who choose this pistol as their only paintball gun should be fast moving, extremely agile and not afraid to mix it up right next to their targets. Besides playing paintball, the P99 is also commonly used by military and law enforcement units for realistic combat simulation training because it so closely imitates the real thing. When equipped with pepper spray rounds, the P99 makes a formidable less lethal weapon for security guards or even prison guards. This same application can even be used as a personal self defense weapon; the compact sized P99 armed with capsaicin rounds will fit nicely in a large purse for a female to carry for protection.

The only drawbacks to the Walther P99 semi automatic paintball pistol is its power. You will be lucky to shoot anything beyond 50 feet with this marker. This means, realistically it should only be used as a secondary gun or when you’re dangerously close to your enemy. As the P99 pistol paintball handgun is incredibly realistic, this puts players in the dilemma of always wanting to use it more but finding they rarely get to. Another slight drawback of this gun is the magazines. While they clip in and fall out easily enough, the small.43 caliber ammo can be difficult for players with larger hands/fingers to load quickly. Carrying only 10 rounds in a clip means you must carry several as you will go through them faster than you think. While they’re small and easy to carry, they’re made out of metal and their weight can add up quickly, becoming more of a burden to keep your load balanced. As far as technical issues or glitches with the P99, there are virtually none as this pistol paintball gun is very sturdy and extremely reliable. The makers of the Walther P99 pistol (Real Action Marker) are also very good, easy to deal with and quick to repair/replace their guns should there be a problem.